Double the Trouble
Chapter 1
    Okay, so try to follow along here with this convoluted story. My cousin who isn’t really a cousin, okay yeah she’s like my fifth cousin once removed or some shit if that counts.
    Anyhow, when I was like twenty-three she adopted these two little girls from Russia. No, they weren’t sisters but had been raised in the same orphanage or some fuck like that. One was ten and the other was nine going on ten. Whatever, they were like two months apart.
    Now, I don’t know what the fuck they teach these kids in the good old motherland, but these two little bitches were trouble from the get. Color me scared, I stayed as far away from them as possible because my name is not Joe Dirt and I do not like jumpsuits.
    Anyway, I moved away from home after college, not a great distance but I had a very good paying job in the city that paid so well I could afford a nice plot of land in the country.
    I had a good ten acres or more give or take and no neighbors on either side. It was a good place to cultivate my nudist tendencies, among other things.
    Now me being a successful businessman who wasn’t too hard on the eyes, at six-four, muscular without being overgrown and a nice head of curls and eyes the women tell me they can get lost in, I’m not hurting for pussy, but I am choosy.
    It had been some years since I’d heard from my cousin, like I said; We were so far removed as not to be even considered family. It was a Thursday morning and of course, I couldn’t find my keys when the phone rang.
    “Hi John this is cousin Madelyn.”
    “Who?” I wasn’t really paying attention I was too busy trying to locate the wayward keys. “You know, your cousin Madelyn from town I have a huge favor to ask.”
    She rattled off some shit that gave me a clue as to who she was, and I finally caught up, just when I located my keys in my briefcase, just where I’d put them the night before.
    “Hi Madelyn what can I do for you?” I rolled my eyes as I got into my car. My relatives only hit me up when they needed money so I wasn’t expecting much from this conversation after I told her the prerequisite no. I had stopped being their personal bank a long time ago.
    “Well, you remember Anna and Stacia, my two little girls? I was wondering if they could come out for a couple of weeks.”
    “Uh, there’s no one here to watch them.” In my mind I was still seeing the two little precocious kids she’d brought home from the airport. “No silly they’re old enough to look after themselves they’re both eighteen.”
    I wasn’t sure about this shit. I liked my freedom, liked coming home to my empty house and stripping as soon as I hit the door.
    Having two young girls around the house might cramp my style and the weekend was coming up too besides. I might find me a hot piece of ass to fuck. There was this new office temp that had been giving me the eye.
    Her voice droned on in my ear about some trip she had won and she and her husband were dying to take it. But since they hadn’t had any time alone since they adopted the girls, she thought it would be great if they came and spend time with family. This was my problem how?
    She hadn’t seen me in years and here she was foisting her teenage daughters off on me. I didn’t have a good enough reason for telling her no, so chump that I am I agreed.

Chapter 2
    That night, when I got home there was a strange car parked outside my gate. Shit, I had all but forgotten the promise I’d made earlier. After the day I had I really wasn’t looking forward to riding herd on two brats.
    I schooled my face best I could so as not to show my inner feelings as I pressed the button on the console to release the gate and let them follow me in.
    The driveway was long and winding so it was a while before you saw the house itself. So for the first five minutes or so all you saw was the lawn.
    I got out of my Mercedes Benz and closed the door, slinging my suit jacket over my shoulder.

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