Lost Heart: A Celta Novella (Celta HeartMate Series)

Free Lost Heart: A Celta Novella (Celta HeartMate Series) by Robin D. Owens

Book: Lost Heart: A Celta Novella (Celta HeartMate Series) by Robin D. Owens Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robin D. Owens
Tags: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Psychics, Teen & Young Adult
    A small sigh escaped her, and he studied her, her fine-boned face, the pale, near translucent skin so delicate he could see pale blue veins in her temple. She seemed to consider her body as a housing for her mind.
    His body was his best tool, cared for and honed as a matter of security . . . and, yes, pride.
    Her eyes had closed and he sensed her drifting to sleep as the busyness of her mind faded into occasional thoughts. She, too, must have been tried by the unexpected events of the day. He frowned, lifted a finger to trace her high cheekbone. She appeared strung too tightly, was too thin, and her mind held a heaviness of coping with recent trauma. What?
    He knew too little about her and her of him, but instinctively he drew her into his arms, against him so he could protect her.
    She snuggled and gave that last exhale before sleep.
    His whole body loosened, and not just because of the most incredible sex he'd ever had.
    He'd done it! He'd claimed his woman right .
    When he'd been left alone with her, with no extraordinary events carrying them along, he'd realized that he must cement their bond. It had started as a tendril spinning between them due to potions and initial attraction. He had to make it solid and real.
    Enata's father's earlier derisive comments, barely noticed at the time, had worked on Barton. The Clovers, though a rising Family, were recently ennobled. Only Walker, Barton's half-brother resulting from a fling with a highly Flaired noblewoman, had enough psi power to raise them up, though the younger generations would be more powerful. Especially those of the Clovers who married into other Families with potent Flair. Like Walker. Like their cuz Trif.
    Like Barton himself. During the long preparations of that day, he'd been informed that the Licorice Family, and, more importantly, the PublicLibrary the Licorices tended, had been founded within the first half-decade of the colonists’ landing. Over four hundred and fifteen years before.
    Barton couldn't match his new lady in Flair. He didn't even have enough power to teleport. She was at the top of her profession.
    As he was with his own, but that was due to physical skill and dedicated training.
    Yeah, he'd felt that strand stretching between them had been too fragile, since they came from two very different worlds. And he'd wanted her from the moment he'd seen her. Did love her from that instant, knew in his gut and the marrow of his bones that she was the right woman for him.
    He'd seen her eyes widen, felt pleasure spurt through that tiny bond when he'd quoted poetry, so he damn well kept it up. Would keep it up. A few lines had worked on women before, but the effect on Enata — her heart and spirit opening to him — had been significant. At least in that particular he knew what she liked and he'd make sure he'd give it to her, along with loving.
    She needed love, to be surrounded by love. Pretty obvious her Family prized the cool and logical and didn't go in for displays of affection. His Family would help with that. As sleep tempted, he fumbled for his mind link with Walker, shot his brother a thought, My wife needs loving Family .
    We got that , Walker replied. My HeartM—, my wife knows Enata. We'll be hands on with Enata .
    Good , Walker sent back sleepily, smiled. Yeah, his Family was good. Walker had stopped from saying "HeartMate," since Barton had no HeartMate.
    He gathered his wonderful, beautiful, amazing wife closer still. And her hand dropped to his sex.
    She knew what he liked, and he was sure she'd give it to him.
    A septhour before dawn they woke, starving. They'd made love several times in the night, more than Enata had ever done, advantages to having a very physical man, though she understood it would be necessary for her to become more physical herself. She definitely needed more stamina and, judging by the way he'd tossed her around earlier, some more mass, too. And muscles.
    She'd never have the muscles he did, but she

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