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Authors: Zoey Derrick
pressing against my ass and I flick my hips. His hands come up to cup my breasts, his fingers taking my nipples and tugging on them. I moan. He continues tugging and twisting. I writhe against his erection and I hear his breath hitch in his throat.  
    One of his hands begins roaming south, across my stomach to cup my mound and I feel his finger sliding against my clit. “Kyle,” I groan and he picks up his pace. The sensations are intense as he plays with my clit, while his other hand massages my nipple. His hips grind his erection against my backside. “Take me,” I moan. “I need you inside me.”  
    His hand falls away from my breast and I can feel him adjusting himself, preparing to enter me. I raise myself onto my toes, giving him a little more leverage to slide inside. He guides my hips back, forcing me to bend forward. Water is cascading down my back as I feel the head of his cock against my entrance. “Please,” I beg him and I feel him push inside me. He keeps pushing until he’s sheathed inside. “Fuck,” I pant when I feel his sigh of contentment as he slides home. I’m trying to stay quiet but his hand on my clit and his cock buried inside of me has my legs trembling and my orgasm building.  
    “So beautiful,” he breathes. “The way your skin blushes when you’re aroused.” He pounds into me. “So fucking beautiful.” He starts sliding in and out of me faster and harder. Spurring my orgasm on. The fire in my veins flows hard and fast. My clit hardens under his touch; gentle strokes that match his pushing and pulling inside of me. “Arghh,” he moans, slamming harder into me, sliding out again he almost falls out, I push my hips back into him, burying him again. “Damn it, baby girl,” he growls. “I’m gonna fucking come if you keep that up.”  
    Enriched by his declaration, I begin thrusting my hips against his, matching his pace and rhythm. I need him, I need his cum. I pound back harder and he pinches my clit between his fingers, sending a shock of pain and an explosion of pleasure. My pussy clenches and releases on his cock. He knows I’m there, I’m ready. “Give it to me, Addison,” he growls and I come, coating his cock in my juices. He pumps into me hard and fast once, twice and stills on the third as he growls into my ear, “Fucking beautiful.” He helps me stand up, and stretch my legs a little after being spread eagle.  
    He doesn’t say anything. He just holds me in the shower, letting the water run over us. Eventually he grabs my body wash and starts washing me. I take so much comfort in his touch that nothing else matters. He continues until I’m clean from head to toe.  
    Taking his cue, I start washing him, soaping my hands up and rubbing slow, massaging circles across his chest. He doesn’t say anything, just watches as I wash his body. When I get to his cock, which is still hard, I lather my hands really well and begin stroking with both hands. He lets out a moan of pleasure, so I continue. After a few more strokes, I move onto his scrotum and then along the crack of his ass.  
    He still doesn’t say anything. I stand up, staring at him. “Say something.”  
    His hand comes up to my cheek, pushing his fingers into my wet hair. He brings me forward to his lips. Our lips crash together and the sparks fly. His tongue licks at my lower lip, then I feel his teeth graze, coaxing me to open. His tongue slides inside, instantly finding mine. He steals my breath away and I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him to me, his cock is pressed against my belly, but I don’t care about that. His lips are soft and warm against my own. His mustache tickles.  
    “You’re scaring me,” I breathe against his lips.  
    “I don’t have the right words,” he whispers.  
    “Then show me,” I say as I reach over and turn off the water.” He pushes me against the opposite wall, cupping my cheeks in his hands, lifting my lips to his. He kisses me gently, but I can

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