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Authors: Aimee Friedman
Tags: Fiction
Coast girl if there ever was one—practical, levelheaded, a fan of zip-up fleeces and duck boots—so it made sense that she’d be overwhelmed by LA’s sunnyexcesses and excitements. “Look, I’m sure Jonah will barely say hi to us tonight,” Alexa said reassuringly, taking Holly’s hands and helping her to her feet.
    Holly blew her bangs up, feeling slightly calmer. Alexa, for all her histrionics, could be surprisingly soothing when she wanted to be. Then Holly remembered the one other person who could always ground her back in reality: Tyler. Though she’d briefly talked to her parents from the road (they’d gotten cut off thanks to awful reception at their campsite), she hadn’t had a chance to speak to her sweet, reassuring boyfriend yet.
    Holly was reaching down to retrieve her phone from her Vans tote when her stomach let out a noisy grumble. She and Alexa burst into giggles as Holly straightened up and clutched her belly. “ That’s why I’m freaking out,” Holly laughed. “I’m starved.” Like any respectable athlete, Holly had a hearty appetite, and that Coke she’d bought on the road hadn’t been remotely enough fuel. “Maybe I should look for the kitchen, huh?” she added with a smirk.
    “You scope that puppy out,” Alexa said decisively, squeezing Holly’s shoulder. She was hungry, too, but she wanted to soak in some of the house’s other treats first. “I’ll investigate the rest of our digs. Over and out, soldier.” She shot Holly a quick salute, before bending down to unstrap her Prada platforms.
    Slipping off their respective footwear, the girls took off at a run in opposite directions, excitedly reporting their discoveries to each other like explorers landing on an island.
    “I found one of the bedrooms—it’s light blue!” Alexa called, admiring the circular bed, plush rug, and walk-in closet that practically begged for newly bought designer goodies.
    “Yeah, the other one’s green—I’m totally claiming it!” Holly hollered back around a mouthful of olives.
    Giddy, Alexa sprinted from the bedroom to a small orange-painted game room, which contained a vintage Pac-Man arcade, a robot dog, and other unnecessary-but-fabulous toys. “Okay, Hol, no joke—I’m looking at a trampoline!” she shouted, resisting the urge to give it a test-bounce.
    “I believe you, because I just discovered a room with an indoor golf course!” Holly responded. “But I can’t find the kitchen…”
    “Whatever—I’m in the bathroom, and we have one of those waterfall showers and—ooh!—Bumble and bumble seaweed conditioner in the cabinet!”
    Silence greeted Alexa, and she frowned, examining a delicate tub of Crème de La Mer moisturizer. True, Holly didn’t get as psyched about product as she did but that didn’t mean she had to ignore —
    An earsplitting shriek erupted from the other end of the house, and Alexa dropped the La Mer in the sink, her knees buckling. “Hol, you okay?” she called. Shit. Holly had probably collapsed again. Now Alexa would have to whisk her to Cedars-Sinai, the fancy LA hospital where Britney had all her babies, and call Tyler and the Jacobsons, who would all completely lose it…Holding her breath, Alexa flew out of the bathroom and in the direction of Holly’s cry.
    When she arrived at the kitchen—Sub-Zero fridge, granite counters, cool aqua-blue tiles—she found Holly very much upright. She was also grinning, and pointing one trembling finger to something on the nearest counter: a chilled silver champagne bucket, containing crushed ice, an unopened bottle of Moët & Chandon Nectar Champagne, and two glass champagne flutes. Propped up against the bucket was a piece of cream paper with a handwritten message:
    Welcome to the ’Bu, Alexa and friend—a car’s coming by around seven to take you to The Standard—in the meantime here’s a little something to get you in the right mood
    See you there—JE.
    P.S. I’d suggest swimwear.

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