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Authors: Barbara Overly
go get my man.”  She says shaking her hips.  We bought fall into a fit of laughter.  She has been planning this day for almost a year now.  She is so ready. 
    “Alright.  Well let’s get this show on the road.” I say walking Emma to the door.
    Before I open it and send Emma on her way Monica grabs the handle “Haylee wait.”  I turn and look at her. “Are you sure you want to do this.  I mean don’t get me wrong I am very thankful and happy you are here and that you brought Emma but is this too much?  Do you think it is a good idea to send her out there?”
    I grab her into a big hug “Thank you for thinking about her and worrying.  But I know Tank will make sure nothing happens while she is here.  And besides I am not hiding her from him.  Never have.  Never will.  He has a daughter weather he wants her or not.  I am not forcing his hand in anything.  He has made his choice long ago. So yes we both are going to walk down that aisle and wait for you to come find your man.” 
    She shakes her yes “Ok then.  Let’s do this.”
    I bend down and get level with Emma “Ok sweetheart.  You remember what mommy and Uncle Tank taught you last night.”  With a big cheesy smile, she nods her head yes.  “You walk, throw flowers everywhere and walk right to Uncle Tank.  You think you can do that sweetheart.”  She shakes her head yes.  Giving her a quick kiss, I open the door and send her on her way.  As I wait for my que I listen at the reaction of the crowd.  All giving her oohs and aahs.  Of course because she is adorable.  And then once she standing next to Tank I start my walk.  At first I thought everything would be fine.  No one would notice.  But I couldn’t be any more wrong.  Of course they remember me.  I am the club whore who got knocked up by the married brother.  And as soon as the brothers see me they all react with shock and surprise.  I am sure they thought they would never see me again.  Hell knowing Toni was married I am sure they all from the start looked at me as the club whore.  But I don’t care.  Not anymore.  Holding my head up high I walk right up to the Alter and stand next to Emma.  I never directly looked at Toni but I did catch him out of the corner of my eyes watching Emma.  I can see it on his face he is processing what is standing right in front of him. But I don’t think he has put it all together until Emma shows all my cards right before him.  Reaching up she asks “Mommy pick up.”  When she does that and I obviously pick her up I can hear Toni make a noise. I am sure shock, is a noise of shock but it also sounds like the low growl he used to make when he was pissed.  Yep asshole this is your daughter.  But you didn’t want her.  And she is all mine.
    Ignoring him I tell Emma “Time watch for Auntie Monica.”  She turns in my arms and watches Monica walk down the aisle. She is so beautiful in her dress.  Just the way anyone woman should look on her wedding day.  Happy and completely in love.  Once Monica is standing before us with Tank, Emma and I turn towards the happy couple.  When I do I finally make eye contact with Toni.  He is watching Emma and I with so much intensity it scares me a little. I can’t tell if he is pissed or hurt.  It honestly varies depending on who he is looking at.  When he looks at me I think he looks angry but then the second his eyes land on Emma they soften and show affection. 
    Emma twirls in my arms wanting to get down.  When I put her down she starts doing what little kids do best, she starts to wonder and get into things.  Before I have a chance to stop her she walks over to Toni and puts her hands up.  Instantly he bends down and picks her up.  Holds her close.  Whispers into her ear and she starts talking to him.  It is so quiet I can’t hear what either of them are saying.  To keep from crying I look away and catch the attention of the brothers focused

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