Double Trouble: A Menage Romance

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Authors: Marie Carnay
elevator button and the doors opened. “Ladies first.”

Chapter 10
    D amn Gage's overreacting . Holt paced the living room, sipping vodka and fuming.
    His brother had no right to treat Jess like some employee to reprimand and send scuttling away. The woman might have an assignment to complete, but that didn’t preclude some naughty extracurriculars.
    Gage had always been too cautious and too damn risk averse.
    Not Holt.
    His brother liked to think of himself as the Mr. MacIntosh—the sole source of success post-inheritance. But Holt played a prominent role, too, whether Gage admitted it or not.
    The weakness in MacIntosh Hotels caught Holt’s eye first. If it hadn’t been for him, they would never be attempting to buy the corporation back.
    His drink slid down his throat and he stalked to the bar to refill the glass. The minute Gage had approached Gordon about the potential for a buyout, things went to shit.
    Nothing Gordon overheard or saw that night would have lowered his opinion of them. He already hated their guts. Ripping a company out from under a man didn’t spread goodwill.
    There were some things not even billions could buy.
    As he gulped another mouthful of vodka, the chime of the elevator rang through the apartment. Holt steeled himself. Gage must have taken the long way home.
    Gage strode into the room, all determination and focus. If he’d taken advantage of Jess in the limo, it wasn’t out of love. “I’ve got some calls to make. You can show Jess around, right?”
    Holt glanced at Jess as she entered the room. Flushed cheeks, downcast eyes. Body he still wanted to stroke all night. Based on her body language, his brother beat him to it.
    “Of course.”
    Gage disappeared down the hall with no more than a nod at Jess. Interesting .
    She stood on the edge of the carpet, motionless as she stared at the empty space where his brother had been. The asshole. Always striving to be first. Never caring about the damage left behind.
    Screw that. Holt was more of a gentleman than Gage ever hoped to be. He closed the gap between them before Jess even looked around the room.
    From the strumming of her fingers across her arm to the way the tops of her brows creased in concentration, it was obvious. Gage had pissed her off. I can work with that.
    “If my brother disrespected you, I apologize.”
    “I’m fine.”
    “You’re mad.”
    Her gaze snapped to his face. Bright blue eyes laced with confusion and something more. “I’m just trying to figure you both out.”
    Good . He flashed a smile. “Can I get you a drink? Vodka, right?”
    Jess nodded and slipped her heels off before walking across the carpet to the couch. She perched on the edge, knees together, hands in her lap. Holt poured the drink and sat beside her.
    She took the glass with a smile. “Thank you.”
    “You’re welcome.” He inched closer. “How was the limo ride? Did Gage take you on a tour of the Upper West Side?”
    She focused on the liquor in her glass. “Not exactly. He did explain the reason for my assignment, though.”
    Damn . Here he thought they had fucked. Holt drained the rest of his drink and set it on the coffee table. “And your thoughts?”
    “I can’t decide if I should be disappointed or thankful.”
    Holt ran his tongue over his lower lip. “I hope I can make up your mind.”
    God, it had only been a few hours, but the more they talked the more Holt wanted her. Between the rise of her breasts as she took a breath, to the grip of her fingers around the glass—everything about Jess turned him on.
    Her toes dug into the cream carpet and Holt resisted the urge to lay her down right there. The slick heat of her desire still lingered in his memory, her moans and gasps as she came from his hand still fresh in his ears.
    Holt couldn’t wait to hear her scream his name.
    She took a sip of the drink, lips pressing into the clear glass and filling Holt’s mind with visions of her mouth around his cock.
    “So am I

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