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mind. Thank you.”
    His voice is fierce. “No, thank you .”
    The line goes silent again and things feel weird.
    “I need to hop in the shower,” I lie in attempt to ward off the awkwardness. Everything about Adrian has been bizarre and strange. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow,” I assure him but then laugh to lighten the mood. “You know…when you check in a million times.”
    He chuckles. “You don’t hold anything back, do you Neesy?”
    “Well okay then. In that case, goodnight, Crazy.”
    “Night, Wacko.”

    “C ongratulations on closing the Kensington acquisition,” Eric says with a big-ass grin. This multimillion dollar deal put this company in the position it needed to be in order to ensure future exponential growth.
    “Now maybe we can take a fucking break for a while.” Christmas is closing in on us, and I’m eager for Damien to come home for break. It’ll be nice spending more time with Chrissy too.
    “I’m having some friends over tonight for drinks to celebrate finalizing that deal. I know you don’t like doing stuff like this, but I thought you might want to come since Neesy will be there.”
    I stop striding along the parking lot at breakneck speed toward my car and turn to look at him. “Why will she be there?”
    It’s been a couple of months since I agreed to her terms. She takes her job seriously and entertains Chrissy while I’m at work. I’ve made good on my promise to her and have only corresponded with her via phone calls to check on my wife. Once the awkward moment of my infidelity was out of the way, things went back to normal. I actually look forward to my daily chats with her where she starts off telling me about Chrissy and ends up rambling about nonsense. Neesy is easily distracted, and I find myself not hearing what she’s saying but how she’s saying it.
    Her throaty laughs.
    Her yelps when she runs into shit.
    Her incessant babbling that seems to turn my day around no matter how it started.
    The way she teases me.
    “Adrian,” Eric says in a low, gruff tone. “She’s my friend. We’ve gone to the movies a couple of times and have hung out on occasion. And—”
    “Wait. What?” I’ve gone from smiling to scowling. “You hang out with her?”
    He shakes his head. “Not going to do this with you, man. Whatever’s going on inside that head of yours needs to stop.”
    For some odd reason, I’m pissed. Of all the times I’ve spoken to her and seen Eric every fucking day, neither has mentioned this. “What the fuck, Eric? Why were you two hiding this shit from me?”
    “Because. This is why.”
    I frown. “Are you…have you…”
    He raises a brow at me. “Have I what?”
    “Did you fuck her?”
    He rolls his eyes and stalks away from me. “Not that it’s any of your business, but no. My house at seven. Be there or don’t. But if you do come, check the attitude at the door. You may employ her and may have almost slept with her, but you don’t own her, Adrian. She’s funny and cute. I like her and want her to come.”
    He tosses his briefcase into his car and climbs in without another glance my direction.
    She’s funny and cute.
    My blood boils and it has no right to. Eric is a divorced man and has every right to date someone like Neesy. So why in the hell do I hate the idea?
    Deep down I know why, but I can’t voice it or even think about it. Twelve years ago, I made the decision to get behind the wheel on a snowy night with my family in tow. Twelve years ago, I made a decision to not honor my wife’s written wishes not to be kept artificially alive and instead kept her for my own selfish reasons. For twelve years, I’ve had to lie in this bed I’ve made.
    And I’m going to have to accept that.

    I’m sipping on a gin and tonic on a barstool at Eric’s house eyeing the front door. A few people to Eric means a shitload of people. They’re all chitchatting. Having a grand fucking time. I, being on the antisocial side, prefer to

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