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Authors: Fern Michaels
watch that one if I were her parents. She’s going to break their hearts.” Gertie shook her head, her soft gray curls bouncing as she did so.
    â€œLet’s change the subject.” Kate’s thoughts formed into words before she could stop them.
    â€œYes, let’s talk about that vacation we’ve been putting off for the past three years,” Alex said.
    Alex had been so busy with the kennels and Kate with her cooking classes and work at the restaurant, they hadn’t even considered taking a vacation. Oh, they talked about it, but that was it. Now was a good time.
    â€œOh, a vacation sounds wonderful, Alex. But where would we go? I can’t think of a place that’s more beautiful than our front yard,” Kate said, and she meant it. Her and Alex’s home had a prime view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the fall, Kate could hardly stand to work inside. The springtime was just as remarkable. The winters in Asheville weren’t bad either. At that moment, Kate felt as though her life couldn’t have been more perfect.
    â€œWe’ve never been on a cruise. Don left some pamphlets for us to look at. Maybe it’s time we sailed the high seas.”
    Kate laughed. “I don’t think sailing to the Caribbean would be considered the ‘high seas,’ but I’d certainly be willing to see what a cruise has to offer.”
    â€œI’ll look after the dogs. Bella isn’t due for another month, so that should give you plenty of time to take a cruise,” Gertie commented.
    Bella was Alex’s favorite, and Kate knew he’d want to be the one to help bring her pups into the world. Even though she wasn’t due for another month, Kate didn’t want to take a chance. Bella could have the pups early. It would break Alex’s heart if he was gone when she delivered.
    â€œMaybe after Bella has the pups we’ll go,” Kate suggested.
    Alex reached for her hand, giving it a squeeze. He didn’t want to leave so soon either, Kate thought. She placed her hand on his forearm, gently caressing the firm muscles.
    â€œWhat, you don’t think I can take care of Bella?” Gertie asked.
    Alex laughed out loud. “I think you’re more than capable, old girl. I trust you more than anyone. You should know that by now. We’re just in the planning stages anyway. Kate might hate the thought of going on a cruise. No land in sight for days. Nothing to do but lounge by the pool, drink those funny little fruity drinks with umbrellas. Have some young stud waiting on her hand and foot. Plus, she wouldn’t be able to prepare our meals. I don’t know if she’d like that or not.”
    Kate gave a playful punch to his shoulder. “And you are so full of it, Alex Rocket, your eyes are swimming in it.”
    â€œI know you. After two or three days with nothing to do, you’d go stir-crazy.”
    Kate knew he was right. “Maybe. We’ll think about a cruise. Later. For now, I think we need to pay the check and go home. Our waiter is giving us the evil eye.”
    It was after eleven and the restaurant had closed at ten. “Leave a super-big tip, too,” Kate added.
    As they were getting ready for bed, Alex seemed on edge. Kate asked if something was bothering him.
    â€œNah, just tired. It was a long two weeks. I’m ready to settle down into our routine again. How ’bout you?”
    â€œThe visit did seem a bit longer than normal. I guess it’s because we’re getting older and don’t have the energy we used to,” Kate hedged.
    â€œI suppose you’re right. It stinks,” Alex said.
    â€œYou know. Getting old.”
    Kate smiled in the mirror. Alex was lying on the bed with a Stephen King book opened, lying on his flat stomach. She tissued off the remainder of her eye makeup. “I think getting old is a wonderful thing. It sure beats the alternative.”

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