Addicted To The Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance The Euthenian Battle (Book 2)

Free Addicted To The Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance The Euthenian Battle (Book 2) by Ashley L. Hunt

Book: Addicted To The Alien: A SciFi (Science Fiction) Alien Romance The Euthenian Battle (Book 2) by Ashley L. Hunt Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ashley L. Hunt
‘ Addicted To The

    A Sci-Fi Alien

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    The stars are endless in
the black sky as I stare out the small, round window of the room
I’ve been locked in. I have no idea how long I’ve been in here,
locked away for something I had no idea was going to

    My surroundings are nice.
An all-white interior. Right down to the blanket covering the large
bed. The only touch of color is the purple pillows on the

    A mirror runs the length
of one wall and there is an attached area to bathe and use the
facilities. Most wouldn’t complain about this make-shift prison.
But I miss my husband.

    My stomach is growling
like a hungry lion’s. Food, or what they consider to be food, has been brought to me by a woman who appears to be a
maid of some kind.

    She’s an older woman, with
no personality. Or perhaps she’s just was afraid to talk to

    The silver covered tray
she brought still sets on the small table. I opened it when she
brought it in some time ago and put the lid right back on

    What looked like snails
covered in green slime were moving around on the tray and I would
rather die of starvation than put that in my mouth.

    Kerr was supposed to be
feeding me to help me ingest something to sustain my body. That’s
not going to happen it seems.

    The King is a man I am
beginning to truly despise. With no chance to prove my innocence,
he sent me away to this room, alone and wondering if my husband is

    They injected Kerr with
some drug which had him unable to move. That was a long time ago
and I still have no idea how he’s doing.

    I asked the woman who
brought the tray, but she wouldn’t speak to me at all. I suppose
they think I’m capable of more than I am. A person to be

    It’s ludicrous. There is
nothing in me to hurt my new husband. Although his actions in front
of others make me furious, his actions

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