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Authors: Kai Leakes
reborn many times, none of which he could remember, but he could feel it in his soul that this Ryo aka RJ was his bodyguard of sorts. Him having a Protector felt right and incredulous at the same time, only because Khamun was accustomed to having his family act as surrogate Protectors. For a long time it was just him and Marco busting heads in the streets. Then Lenox was next, then Calvin right after him. Everything seemed to be set in place for him at that time when he was younger and then Kali eventually moved in without his permission.
    He literally walked into the abandoned building they had taken over for their first compound and, like magic, there she was with her bags on the floor. He had always known her because she worked with Calvin and was his adopted sister. He had seen the potential she held when he first saw them taking down demons. But before he would allow her back in the family he had demanded that she find out her Mystic roots. He did it protect her, but the day he walked into his compound and saw her bags, he knew immediately that there was no holding Kali back from her destiny. She was quickly an extension of him, the little sister he had always wanted.
    They were his first family, the ones who accepted him in all his changes. Marco, Lenox, Calvin, and Kali watched his back. They were his only Protectors even when he did not want them to be. That thought made him idyllically think back to Kali giving him San’s blood. Damn, he wanted to shake her for that but was damn grateful for it at the same time. But, like he remembered when they first came into his life, it had to happen; otherwise, he would have been left in the darkness alone. Now, more humans and Nephilim needed him and his House. It gave him a sense that his House was going to continue to grow, so, as they say, with change there’s growth, which he could respect.
    He had a Dragon, a real deal living Dragon. A mythical lethal fighter he had grown up reading about from his mother. Homie was something dangerous, not only when he transformed into his full dragon form, but also in his natural state, which he was witness to. The Most High definitely knew what he was doing since dude matched Khamun’s own unique style. It was natural law to have a Protector in the old days, he learned from his book, and now history was being reborn through them.
    Quietly moving through the multilevel underground compound, he let his mind continue its wondering. Hell, from what he saw back when Ryo helped Take and Dare out at the house party they had attended, Khamun saw how much of a master of mixed martial arts and a killer with his hands the guy was. The House now had its second sensei, Lenox being the first, and Khamun really could appreciate the Most High’s plan even more. Dude definitely was going to be an acceptable addition to the household, as would Amit.
    Amit had held his own in the battle although he was still learning how to adapt to his new gifts as a demon den tracker. Now it was time to see how he was going to cope with his own change from surviving being a Cursed captive to now being part of an elite group of Nephilim fighters who were considered rogue. Everything was falling into place, even with the onset of more change. Rubbing his chin in recognition and reverence, Khamun headed to the kitchen thinking of his next game plan with that of Sanna’s sleeping lush form.

Chapter 4
    â€œShit! Shit. Shit. Shit. Shittt! ”
    The Medusa had to duck from the shards of glass that flew her way in the dilapidated factory she stood in on Chicago’s South Side after making it out of battle, all thanks to their lethal Witch, Winter. Every time she slid down an inch or two, she was forced to sidestep the pieces of crumbling wall that seemed to want to follow her. Pain had her recoiling in conflict of pleasure and newfound discomfort. It had her gripping her seeping wounds in a slow exhale. Lingering thoughts resulted in a hidden smirk

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