After Dark (Between the Veils Series, Book One)

Free After Dark (Between the Veils Series, Book One) by KRIS NORRIS

Book: After Dark (Between the Veils Series, Book One) by KRIS NORRIS Read Free Book Online
Tags: Romance
    Temperance gasped, unsure of what had just happened when a ripple of energy teased her senses. She glanced at Avery. His eyes were closed, his jaw tensed.
    Realization dawned on her, and she drew a sharp breath, furrowing her brow. “Oh my god. You can move things with your mind?”
    He sighed, slumping slightly in her arms. “Only sometimes, when the situation is just right. But it’s extremely taxing.”
    She nodded, too dumbstruck to say anything else. She looked at the entrance again, but the demon had vanished, nothing but a thin sprinkling of ash as proof it’d ever been there. Questions tumbled in her head, but she was too tired to ask them.
    She shifted her gaze to him. “What?”
    He pointed at the gates. “They’re made of iron. It’s pure, like the salt. That’s what acts as a barrier. Probably why silver’s a good bet, also.”
    “How did you…” She shook her head. “Never mind. Because if I believe for one moment you can read my mind, I’ll never be able to look at you again.”
    He smiled, though his exhaustion tempered its brilliance. “Now, darling. What’s a fantasy or two between lovers.”
    “We aren’t lovers—”
    “Yet. We aren’t lovers, yet.” He motioned toward the car. “I think it’s best if we leave…and quickly. No telling if that thing might find another way around the barrier. And I’m not sure we’d fare well if challenged a second time.”
    Temperance nodded and tightened her arm around his waist, this time helping him stumble across the lawn. Her skin burned around her ankle but it paled in comparison to the sense of fear still rioting through her. That had definitely not gone the way they’d hoped.
    Avery handed her the keys when they finally reached the car, using one arm to brace his weight as she clicked open the locks, tossing what was left of their supplies on the backseat. Dark lines set off his eyes, accentuating his fatigue as he slipped into the car, tilting his head against the seat.
    Temperance revved the engine, peeling out of the lot and taking the expressway much faster than she should. But just seeing Avery this way—hurt, vulnerable—unnerved her, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to rest until they were safely back at the hotel.
    Avery remained silent, his eyes closed as she picked her way along the streets, finally pulling into the hotel lot. He startled when she shook his shoulder, rousing him.
    She gave him a warm smile. “We’re here. Do you think you can make it inside?”
    Some of the mischief was back in his eyes when he winked at her, drawing a deep breath. “I’m not an invalid, darling. I’m just tired. Nothing some good food and some sleep won’t cure.”
    He trailed his fingers along her jaw before dropping his hand and reaching for the handle. A flash of red caught her attention and she snagged his shirt, pulling his hand back. What she saw stole her breath. Deep, raw gouges crisscrossed his palm, the edges the same bloody red as her skin had been.
    Guilt and anger battled inside her, pooling tears behind her eyes. “Fuck. Avery.”
    He sighed. “Easy, Temperance. It’s just a flesh wound. I’ll wrap it up once we get inside.”
    She cursed as a few of the tears blazed down her cheek, but she didn’t bother wiping them away, her gaze focused on him. “This isn’t a fucking flesh wound. God, it’s…” She searched for the right word, nearly slapping him when he chuckled. “It’s horrendous, and not a laughing matter!”
    “I’m not laughing at you, it’s just…” He cupped her jaw with his good hand. “If someone had told me a week ago that Temperance Dunnigan would be concerned about a cut on my hand, I would have told them they were idiots.”
    “And a week ago, I would have agreed.” She held his gaze. “But not anymore. Now let’s get you inside. I have a medical kit in my room. That needs to be cleaned and bandaged properly, not just have you slap a band-aid on it and call it

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