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Authors: Dawn Nicole Stevens
was her rescuer and he makes her feel safe. Well that and the whole werewolf thing." Adam snickered.
    "What whole werewolf thing?" Ashlynn asked not amused that he found any part of it funny.
    "Well, we excrete a chemical that females react to. Just consider it nature's Spanish Fly."
    "Oh so is that what's happening between us? My body is simply reacting to yours without my knowledge!"
    "I'd like to think it's a little more than that!" Adam said winking at her again.
    "Hold up a minute! Does that mean that every girl you pass on the street is gonna wanna come barking up your tree?"
    "That's an odd way to put it but yes I do draw attention from females. Some more than others. If I one day have a mate that I think will change. I don't have any solid evidence about this but I believe my body chemistry will change therefore other female's reactions to me will change."
    "A mate?" Ashlynn looked at him quizzically.
    "Yes. Wolves have mates. We thrive when we have a female at our side. Sadly there are no female werewolves and I'm not about to mate with a female who is 100 percent wolf. There have been stories of other males who became rogue and ran with a wild pack. I'm not sure if there is truth to it. Wolves are very intelligent but werewolves reason as humans even when we are in our wolf form, so I don't know how one could give up the human life completely."
    "Well as old as you are and you haven't found one? They must be extinct or something."
    "I have faith I will have a mate one day! God has a plan for all of his creatures even those like me."
    "You're a Christian?" She was completely blown away at this.
    "Well yes! I share the same beliefs as normal people."
    "So how did you become a werewolf?"
    "I was born one. My parents were both werewolves. My grandparents also."
    "Wow! The more you talk the faster my mind races!"
    "You need to rest your mind and try to get some sleep. I am not leaving. Ben and I are going to stick around and make sure that you and Scarlett are safe. So why don't you go get in bed and I'll answer the rest of your questions tomorrow."
    "Okay, I guess I've had enough for one day. Maybe Scarlett's right and when I wake up this will have all been just a dream. I do have to add though, I prefer you not to be just an figment of my imagination. I want you to still be here when I wake up."
    "I promise I will be." He brushed the knuckles of his fingers across her cheek and whispered to her, "I'm not going anywhere."
    She reached up and took his hand in hers. She squeezed it gently and whispered back, "I trust you." She stepped back and slipped her hand away from his. "Goodnight."
    "Goodnight." He whispered as she walked into her room.
    Chapter 9
    Scarlett opened her eyes and laid in her bed wondering about the dream she had had about werewolves. Was it a dream? She thought to herself. Everything was a little fuzzy from the medicine she had taken. Must have knocked me out pretty good. Maybe the dreams are a side effect. She wiggled and stretched as she tried to decipher which events from last night were real and which ones her subconscious had cooked up. She sat up and rubbed her eyes and decided a little splash of cold water in her face might wake her up and help her think a little straighter. She had already decided that Ashlynn was going to help her figure out last night's events whether she was already up or if she had to wake her. Sleep still blurred her eyes as she scooted to the edge of the bed and began to slide off. She landed on something. She jumped back onto the bed and looked down to see Ben. "What the fuck?" She screamed.
    Ben jumped to his feet. "I'm sorry, um, I didn't think that you may be upset to see me when you woke up." Ben was nervous fumbling for words. "I just wanted to be sure you were safe as you slept. I sat here most of the night listening and observing. I must have fallen asleep."
    "OH MY GOD! Last night wasn't a dream was it? It couldn't have been because you're

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