One Summerhill Day (The Summerhill Series Book 1)

Free One Summerhill Day (The Summerhill Series Book 1) by Keira Montclair

Book: One Summerhill Day (The Summerhill Series Book 1) by Keira Montclair Read Free Book Online
Authors: Keira Montclair
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary, Adult, warrior, romance adult
husky. “Yeah, there is something I’m interested in.”
    The way he said it puzzled her, so she set the remote down and stared at him. His gaze caught hers and he reached for her hand, pulling her toward him. “You. I’m interested in you.”
    His lips descended onto hers and he gave her a ravenous kiss, grasping her head in his hands, running his fingers through her hair as he ravaged her lips. Their tongues twined until they were both panting. When he ended the kiss, he said, “Sorry, but that’s all I could think of doing when I saw you.”
    Cait was stunned, unable to speak. Forcing a quick recovery, she said, “Me, too.” She settled onto the couch with a flop, unable to look away from Ryan.
    “Would you like to turn on a game?” he asked as he sat next to her. “There’s a big one between Michigan and Michigan State today.”
    “No.” She could tell from the way he devoured her with his gaze, floating from her lips to her breasts, that he understood her simple answer. The desire flooding through him was practically visible, like waves of heat off a blistering road. No one had ever looked at her like that before, like she was beautiful and sexy and hot, but that’s exactly how she felt. Ryan wanted her. Bad. And she wanted him just as much.
    His hand settled on her leg. If the house had caught on fire right that moment, Caitlyn would have melted into the floor. Her legs would not have held her up. The heat from his hand spread straight up her leg to her sex, and she squirmed. Needing no further invitation, Ryan grabbed her shoulders and pressed his mouth on hers with a deep groan. They fell back onto the couch together, his tongue stroking hers, causing her breath to hitch and her heart to pound, sending blood roaring through her veins in anticipation of his next touch. He cradled her jaw so tenderly she wanted to cry, and she wove her hands through his hair to bring him even closer. When he pulled back, she could only gasp for her next breath. He was about to say something when his phone went off.
    “Fuck.” He sat up and grabbed his phone from his pocket, checking to see who it was before he shoved it back inside. He ran his hand down his face before he turned to her and helped her sit up. “Sorry. It’s work.”
    “No, it’s okay,” she mumbled.
    He grabbed the beer, took a swig, and brought it over to the kitchen counter. “I probably better go.” He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss, then disappeared before Caitlyn could say a word. She ran her tongue over her lips after he left, savoring the taste of peppermint.
    She woke up bright and early on her first day of work. Though she arrived at the hospital a few minutes early, the charge nurse, Mary DeCamp, was already there, and she brought her back into her office.
    “Here’s your badge, though you aren’t set up for the med system until you go through orientation, so you can’t administer any meds today. You remember your HIPAA laws, right? I have to ask because you don’t sign all that paperwork until orientation.”
    “Yes, I will be discreet, I promise. I just wanted to get a head’s start, so I’ll be ready to dig in right after orientation. Where can I put my coat?”
    Mary took her in back and assigned her a locker in the break room. As she put her things away, the door opened and another nurse entered.
    “Oh, perfect timing,” Mary said. “Caitlyn, this is Mallory Ramsay. She’ll be your preceptor for the next three weeks until you’re on your own.”
    Caitlyn tried to contain her excitement, so she just smiled at Mallory and said, “Nice to see you again. I’m excited that we’ll be working together.”
    “Wow,” Mallory said, glancing from Mary to Caitlyn. “I heard you took the job, but I had no clue you’d be starting this soon!”
    Mary looked from nurse to nurse, a puzzled expression on her face. “You two have met?”
    Caitlyn said, “Yes. I was in the ER last week and Mallory talked me into coming

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