The Rockstar I’ve Loved for So Long

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Authors: Marian Tee
so much more consuming and raw it made Bree wonder how she would possibly survive more of this on a regular basis. It would kill her, it really would!
    She started to ride him, at first clumsily but eagerly and then later on more knowledgeably. Dylan did his best to guide her as he lifted his hips to meet her downward thrusts. Soon, she was clutching his shoulders tightly, buckling against him with total abandon, head tossed back in pleasure, her hair flying free behind her.
    “DYLAN!” She screamed his name. So close, so close, she thought with a whimper. But she couldn’t have it…how could she have it?
    “What is it, babe?” he asked teasingly in a slightly hoarse voice, knowing what she needed but wanting to hear it.
    She colored. “Dylan…”
    “Come on, babe.”
    “I want you! I want you to take me,” she sobbed out. “I want you to take control of me—” She ended with a shriek as he tore free from his bindings. In the next moment, she was on her back, her legs in the air, and his cock sliding inside her like it was home again.
    “DYLAN!” She screamed as he started thrusting into her, harder, more passionately and wildly. It was so hard to breathe now, with so much pleasure to contend with, but she didn’t care. All she wanted was the pleasure that only Dylan could give her…but wasn’t.
    She looked at him with frustrated desire. Why wasn’t he giving it to her? Why? 
    “Dylan, please,” she begged, pounding his back. “I need…”
    “Who do you need?” he demanded.
    “And who do you want?”
    “Always, always you,” she cried out, wrapping her thighs around his waist, wanting Dylan to drive his cock into her so deeply he would reach her womb.
    The words sent tremors through Dylan’s large and powerful body. It tempted him to push them both over the edge, but he reined in his desire, knowing it was not yet the right time.
    Cupping her face to keep it from moving, Dylan demanded, “Who do you love?”
    Her eyes became wet with tears of love and frustration. “ You . I’ve loved you for so long that now that you’re here, I…”
    He didn’t let her finish. He simply fucked her hard and long like they both wanted, fucked her until she was incoherent and unable to bind them even more tightly to each other with her sweet, incredible words.
    She came with just one thrust, and Dylan’s cum mixed with hers inside Bree’s body, making her sob as each thrust amplified the pleasure of their union. 
    I love you, I love you so much, I love you, I love you, I love you. 
    She wanted to say the words over and over but knew it would only terrify Dylan. The need to keep the words back hurt even though she knew Dylan thought he was doing the right thing for both of them.
    Dylan slowly realized that his naked chest was getting wet with her quiet tears, and as he ran a hand over Bree’s back, he felt it moving in an effort to keep her tears at bay.
    His heart clenched at the hot warmth of Bree’s tears. “I’m sorry, babe,” he whispered, ashamed of the way he kept hurting her and his inability to stop doing it.
    She cried harder. “I know.” It was so hard to speak.
    Dylan said with difficulty, “I love you.”
    She closed her eyes, the regret in his voice making her hurt worse. “I know.” But she also knew now that love might not be enough to keep them together. There were just so many wounds her heart could take before it stopped healing.

    Chapter Eight
    Bree woke up with her heart in her throat, wondering if it would be another morning after that she needed to forget. But when she turned to her side, the fear in her chest eased and her throat started to work as she saw Dylan’s naked form lying next to her.
    His face was peaceful in his slumber, and she was tempted to touch it. But she didn’t, not wanting to wake him up. 
    Love you, she mouthed silently, knowing he would not want to hear it. Dylan would want to feel the words instead.
    She tiptoed out

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