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Authors: Anthology
Tags: Erótica
monster-sized like the one now strapped on to Dylan, who stood by the edge of the bed at Curt’s side, his hands on his hips, the mammoth silicone dildo practically dangling between his legs, it was so heavy. No, Curt had an average dick, but he never complained or wished for more. He enjoyed his size because he had never caused any of his lovers, male or female, any consternation, and so “first times” were never too awkward or too uncomfortable. Curt was proud that, with relative ease, his cock could fit in any hole.
    “I love watching that cock go to work,” Dylan said, which made Ellen smile up at Curt. “Look at how wet your dick is. Her pussy must feel amazing.”
    Mary pulled Dylan onto the bed by his dildo. “Feel this pussy,” she said, bringing Dylan’s hand between her legs. Curt watched Dylan’s reaction: his face scrunched up like he was disappointed, but Curt knew it meant the opposite.
    Curt started fucking Ellen a little harder. He rubbed her breasts, gentler than Mary had, and ran little circles over her nipples with his thumbs. Ellen cooed, her eyes half-closed, but still on Curt, and began thrusting her hips up to meet him. Curt hoped she was as close as he was.
    Dylan had joined everyone on the bed—the men now knelt side by side—and managed to slip the massive dildo into Mary’s pussy. Curt noticed how wide Dylan was stretching her with that thing, pushing slowly inside, an open-mouthed smile as he watched Mary effortlessly suck in the length of that big, black cock. As far as Curt was concerned, Mary loved it, was practically losing her mind on the mattress next to Ellen. Mary’s legs were spread wide as she clawed at her own breasts, teeth clenched and eyes squeezed closed, and she made those guttural grunts Curt loved so much. They sounded both enraptured and agonized, and it turned Curt on, thinking that Mary might like that much pain in her pussy, as Dylan started thrusting that beast inside her.
    Turned out, Ellen liked that, too, her moaning low and consistent. Curt picked up his pace, enjoying the look of calm on Ellen’s face as she watched Mary’s body undulate bedside her in that deliciously frenzied state.
    That’s when Curt felt Dylan’s presence, his hand on his ass, and, finally, his wet finger pressing on his asshole. Curt did his best to accommodate Dylan, spreading his legs just a little wider, while staying focused on not interrupting his rhythm, Ellen and her orgasm clearly his priorities. Curt noticed that Dylan was holding perfectly still as Mary moved her body against the dildo, taking her pleasure with every wild thrust, her groaning only growing louder.
    When Dylan slipped his finger inside his asshole, Curt released a breathy moan and felt Ellen’s cunt spasm around his cock in response. It was a scene Curt wished he could capture forever: Mary fucking herself against Dylan’s strap on, taking all of that massive cock now, her pussy juice covering its length; Dylan fucking Curt’s ass with not one but two fingers, his cock stirring beneath his dildo, showing signs of life again; Ellen finally coming in a giant wave of thrusts and wails as soon as Dylan leaned in and grabbed Curt by his chin and pressed their lips together, Dylan’s tongue soon meshing with Curt’s. Curt had never felt so lit up, so held in that place of pure pleasure, the one you’re in just before you erupt, the shuddering release moving from genitals, to chest, to knees, to scalp, to toes. Mary’s orgasm soon followed, and Curt wondered, with the headboard knocking the wall the way it was, if the picture frames holding her and Dylan’s wedding photos would fall from the adjoining wall.
    Now, Curt, he was still in that place—happy birthday to me, he thought—and enjoyed thrusting forward into Ellen’s hot, wet pussy, still clenching him, and then rocking his hips back onto Dylan’s fingers holding firm in his ass. Who wouldn’t like this? Pleasure on both ends, pleasure

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