BILLIONAIRE ANGEL (Point St. Claire, where true love finds a way)

Free BILLIONAIRE ANGEL (Point St. Claire, where true love finds a way) by Robyn Grady

Book: BILLIONAIRE ANGEL (Point St. Claire, where true love finds a way) by Robyn Grady Read Free Book Online
Authors: Robyn Grady
vehicle parked outside of the realty office, Billy joined Emma.
    “How you feeling?” Emma asked, giving her friend another hug.
    “So, back on the horse. When’s the next audition?”
    “Guess I’ll have to start looking.”
    “I couldn’t help overhearing earlier. Whoever you were talking with on the phone...sounds like they care a lot.”
    Billy couldn’t tell Emma about the investigation; that was part of the deal she’d made with Jax when they’d started out. Zipped lips all round. But she could share something with Emma about Jax Angel. About them .
    “Jax is helping me out with a problem.”
    “To do with acting?”
    “It’s something that goes back a while.”
    “Something private.”
    As Emma flicked a glance outside at Vanessa Toomey driving away, Billy nodded.
    “Private is the word.”
    “So, is he good looking?”
    “That would be an understatement.”
    With a cheeky grin, Emma crossed her arms and leaned a hip against the counter. “I think Damon and I should have you two over for dinner.”
    Dr. Damon Knight was the amazing man who had saved Emma last Christmas in more ways than one. The town was still talking about it.
    When the investigation was sewn up, maybe they should have a double date. Jax certainly was good for her, on so many levels, in so many ways. And now that she’d stopped feeling sorry for herself over botching that audition, Billy could admit...
    She didn’t want to give up on her other dream, either.
    Only, no more pussy-footing around. If she wanted to be serious about being an actress, she needed to immerse herself in that world. Go to every audition around. Totally back herself from here on in.
    Which meant just one thing.
    Maybe Emma had some realty connections in L.A.
    If Billy Up-And-Coming-Starlet Slade was moving to Hollywood, she’d need a place to stay.

Chapter 10
    Jax hated that part of himself. The devil who occasionally sat on his shoulder and whispered in his ear.
    It was flat out selfish on his part, but if Billy had blown that director away with her obvious talent, she would be winging her way over to the west coast within the week. L.A. was a long way from Point St. Claire, and in more ways than one.
    The burglary that had knocked Billy down ten years ago was chicken feed compared to big city crime. Unfortunately, every type of law-breaking was too much a part of daily life there. A life that Jax wanted no part of. But Billy was an adult. She should absolutely lead her own life.
    In the meantime...they had a mystery to solve.
    When the weekend rocked around, Jax jumped on his motorcycle and cruised up the coast to see his girl slash client. Billy kissed him at the door, a soul-lifting thanks for being there after I crashed caress. Then she saw his wheels and burst out laughing.
    “Well, of course you ride a motorcycle.”
    “I brought a spare helmet.”
    Her eyes widened. “I’ve never been on the back of a bike.”
    “And I thought you’d done everything.”
    Almost everything...
    He took another kiss. Then another. When her palms slid up the front of his tee shirt and fingers knotted in the interlock, Jax forgot about bikes. He might’ve forgotten his own name.
    As her lips reluctantly left his, she sighed. “I thought we were going for a ride.”
    “Mmm...” Eyes closed, Jax angled his head to claim another kiss. “Okay.”
    When she backed up, he moved to bring her close again. But she was already skipping off inside, heading for her bedroom. Which was sign he ought to follow.
    Jax was about to go see what was what when she reappeared. Grinning, he drove a hand through his hair. Talk about ‘dressed to kill’.
    “Billy, black leather jacket and pants?”
    She bit her lip. “Too much?”
    “Where you’re concerned―” he grabbed her hand and dragged her into his arms “―it’s never too much.
    Thirty minutes later, Jax pulled the motorcycle off to the side of the road. Together, he and Billy crossed to

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