Maybe Forever (Missing Pieces Book 1)

Free Maybe Forever (Missing Pieces Book 1) by Keyanna Butler

Book: Maybe Forever (Missing Pieces Book 1) by Keyanna Butler Read Free Book Online
Authors: Keyanna Butler
Jamie takes the card out of the gift bag and opens it up, giving Casey a suspicious look. When he opens the card, four tickets are hidden inside.
    “Tickets to see the Cavaliers? Cas, are you kidding? I thought all the season tickets were sold out!” He jumps up from his seat and wraps her up in a bear hug. She giggles, and everyone starts to laugh at their exchange.
    “One of the doctors at the hospital did his undergraduate study at U of V and forked over some tickets. All I had to do was go out on a date with him.”
    “Aw, you prostituted yourself for me?” Jamie says, hugging her tighter. Everyone laughs.
    “Only for you, kid,” she says, laughing. Jamie returns to his seat on the coffee table. “There’s four tickets, so Mason and Bianca, you are more than welcome to come along. I set up an appointment to tour the campus and everything, so we can all make a day of it.” Bianca and Mason nod their heads enthusiastically.
    “Thank you, Cas. This is really amazing.”
    “You’re welcome, kid,” she says, smiling big. Bianca hands Jamie her bag next. Jamie smirks and pulls out a set of The Walking Dead comic books.
    “I know how much you love the show, so I figured it would be cool.”
    “This is beyond cool, Bianca. Thanks,” he says and gives her a hug. They both pull away, blushing, and Jamie quickly moves on to Mason’s gift before anyone can make fun of them for it. Jamie unwraps the gift that Mason got him to reveal the latest version of their favorite video game.
    “Dude, we were just talking about this!” he says, punching him playfully in the arm. Mason laughs. “Thanks, man.” Mason nods.
    “Welcome,” he says, grinning.
    “Should I be prepared for some all-nighters?” Harper says, smiling.
    “Absolutely, Ms. Montgomery,” Mason says. “And I’d like to request the homemade salsa you made last time.” Everyone laughs. Jamie moves on to Harper and Dakota’s gift.
    “So we coordinated our gifts.”
    “You two are adorable,” Casey says, taking a sip of her wine and glancing up at Aiden, smirking. Aiden gives her a dirty look, and Casey chuckles into her glass.
    “Since you had a blast this summer shadowing me and you said you were seriously considering photography as a career, we thought this would be fitting.”
    Jamie digs into their gift bag and pulls out a digital camera, along with a carrying case and computer software. Aiden rolls his eyes.
    “Wow, you guys, this is great!” he says. “I can take amazing pictures with this.”
    “I can show you how to work it later,” Dakota says. “It’s the camera I used when I was your age. It’s perfect for practicing and goofing off with your friends, but it will train you for the real thing whenever you are ready.”
    “This is the actual camera you used to use back in the day?”
    “It wasn’t that long ago, Jam,” Aiden says, taking a sip of his wine. Dakota grins at Aiden, ignoring his snide remark.
    “It’s the actual camera I used to use,” Dakota says. Jamie hugs him.
    “Thanks, Dakota,” he says seriously, and Dakota returns his hug.
    “You’re welcome.” He hugs his mom too and kisses her on the cheek. Everyone looks at Aiden, knowing that he’s the last on the list of gift givers. Aiden sets down his glass of wine.
    “Guess it’s my turn.” Aiden goes into the breast pocket of his jacket and pulls out an envelope and hands it to Jamie. Jamie takes it and opens it up. Inside are round-trip tickets to New York City.
    “Whoa, Dad, you’re taking me to New York?” he says and gets up to hug him.
    “We can go for a weekend and visit some museums, see a show, whatever you want.” Jamie looks at the tickets again and realizes there are three tickets.
    “Who is the third ticket for?” Jamie asks, confused.
    “For your mom,” Aiden says, picking up his wine glass again. The room gets quiet, and everyone glances at Harper awkwardly.
    “For me? Why would you get me a ticket?” she asks.
    “I figured you

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