Business and Pleasure (Lavender Lace, Book One)

Free Business and Pleasure (Lavender Lace, Book One) by Lynn Lafleur

Book: Business and Pleasure (Lavender Lace, Book One) by Lynn Lafleur Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lynn Lafleur
Tags: Erótica
L.A. sold a lot faster than I expected, and the new owners wanted to move in right away. I could’ve either moved into a hotel in L.A. or moved up here and done the same thing. There wasn’t anything keeping me in California, so I came on up. I knew your VP hadn’t left yet, but figured the extra time would give me the chance to drive around and learn more about Seattle. When I mentioned staying in a hotel to Linsey, she threatened to slap me.”
    Marci chuckled. “She sounds tough.”
    “She likes to think she is. She’s about five-one and weighs maybe a hundred pounds.” He took another sip of wine, then stretched out on the bed on his side and propped up on one elbow. “She helped me house-hunt until we found this one. I started moving in Thursday. That’s why I don’t have much unpacked. And I had no furniture. I sold it with the house. They loaned me this bedroom set and a couch until I can shop.” His whole body shook with an exaggerated shudder. “God, I hate the thought of shopping for furniture. Can I pay you to do it for me? I’m really good at budgeting, so I have money.”
    Marci couldn’t believe she was talking so freely to Keefe while she sat naked on his bed. What surprised her even more was how comfortable she felt doing it. He didn’t stare at her breasts or pussy. He looked directly into her eyes while he spoke to her.
    How refreshing.
    She drained her wineglass and set it on the nightstand. “Do you want more wine?” Keefe asked.
    Marci shook her head. “I want more, but not wine.” She ran one finger down the center of his chest to his navel. “I believe you mentioned a round two.”
    His eyes changed from curious to hot in less than two seconds. “I believe I did too, but I’m not eighteen. I need a few minutes to recuperate.”
    “I see no reason why I can’t play around while you recuperate.” She took his glass and set it next to hers. “Do you?”
    He grinned, slow and sexy. “No, ma’am.”

Chapter Seven
    She kissed him, ever so gently, barely brushing his lips with hers. She gave him sweet kisses over and over, softly caressing his chest while they kissed.
    He cradled her jaw in his palm, tilted his head and parted his lips. She accepted his silent invitation and darted her tongue into his mouth. She withdrew, then ventured inside again. His tongue joined in the play, stroking across her tongue, her lips.
    Marci worked her way down his throat and over his collarbone, dropping kisses along the way. She moved over his chest. Each small nipple received a nip with her teeth. She smiled to herself when she heard him draw in a sharp breath.
    “Marci.” His voice sounded choked. That encouraged her to continue. She wanted to make him so hot, he wouldn’t be able to think.
    A quick glance down his body showed her his cock was already hardening again. Apparently he didn’t need as much recuperating time as he’d thought.
    She dragged her tongue down his stomach, circled his navel. His hand tunneled into her hair and clasped the back of her head. “What are you doing?”
    “What do you think I’m doing?” She slid one hand beneath his balls and squeezed.
    Keefe arched his hips off the bed. Marci wrapped her hand around his shaft and started a slow, milking motion. It grew fully erect in only seconds.
    “I found something to play with.” She swiped her tongue across the crown. “Something big.”
    “You’re wicked, do you know that?”
    “It’s fun to be wicked.” She licked the crown again, then opened her mouth and took it inside.
    His hand tightened on her head. “ Jesus , Marci.”
    He tasted like man and sex. She could smell herself on his skin. She inhaled deeply, drawing their combined scent into her lungs, as she took him farther into her mouth. The combination of the two of them smelled so hot.
    Marci ran her tongue around the rim of his cock, up and down the bulging vein, took him in her mouth again. Keefe began to pump his hips. She lifted her head

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