Entwined Fates: Dominating Miya
place for that.
    Breaking the kiss, he rested his forehead against hers. With his hand still at her neck, and his other at her back, he held her there, not letting her go. Both of them breathed heavily, and Miya’s eyes were half-lidded and smoldering.
    As a Dom, he should have better control than this, but he felt like he’d been playing with her for days, and the need to take her was quickly eroding his self-control.
    “We need to get out of here, Miya,” he whispered.
    Miya swallowed and nodded.

Chapter Ten
    Miya sat in Alex’s small ship barely able to pay attention to the traffic as he sped through it. All she could think about was that kiss. She was still breathless. She hadn’t been expecting it. He’d been fighting her so hard. When he finally kissed her, she wanted to melt into a puddle.
    Wow was all she could think.
    She swallowed again and stared at his profile. Those lips were wicked, and she shivered just imagining about all the other things he could do with them. Miya certainly wasn’t a cowering virgin, but there was a dominant and dangerous side to Alex that made her tremble.
    Alex parked his ship on the hoverpad outside her building. Her legs shook as she climbed out and set her feet on the pad. Every part of her body was so hot for him right then she could hardly walk straight.
    He didn’t say a word, just took her hand in his and led her into the building. They stepped into the elevator, and the poor young man from the other day practically cowered at the sight of Alex.
    When Alex put his hand at the small of her back and tugged her closer, she looked up at him. She realized he wasn’t paying the attendant any attention. He was dipping his head to kiss the soft spot behind her ear.
    Miya wanted to just forget about the attendant and focus more on Alex and what he did to make her insides quiver.
    “I saw you on the news earlier,” the young man said. “You looked nice. I didn’t realize you were dating Chancellor Dorn.”
    Miya glanced back at the attendant “We’re not really,” she murmured, barely able to concentrate on anything but the feel of Alex’s mouth against her neck.
    Alex snorted but didn’t say anything. The doors opened on her floor, and she quickly stepped out, Alex close on her heels. As she walked down the hall, she felt Alex put his hand at her waist, pulling her close.
    When she reached her door, she tried to open it, but Alex moved in and softly bit the side of her neck, making her giggle and miss the lock.
    “Alex,” she chided.
    The tingling sensation the touch of his lips against her neck sent down her spine made her legs feel weak. Her fingers shook as she raised them to try again. Failing a second time, she dropped her hand and sighed.
    Alex continued to softly nibble along the column of her throat, making her insides quiver. He took her wrist in his hand and raised it to the key panel. They swiped it again, together, and this time, the door opened. Out of the corner of her eyes, she spotted movement. Before she could do anything, she heard Alex grunt, then fall to the side.
    “Alex,” Miya gasped, but couldn’t get to him.
    The young attendant from the elevator shoved her harshly through her apartment door. She wobbled in her high heels and almost tripped. Fear for Alex gripped her chest. If Alex was out, she was alone. She put her hand against the wall to steady herself so she could turn and face her attacker. She knew a little about protecting herself, but she definitely wasn’t wearing the right shoes for fighting. If anything, the spike heels would hinder her too much.
    The attendant glared at her with hatred, and Miya held her breath. Is this him? He’d been right under her nose this whole time? How had she missed this? He’d always been so nice. Her gaze dropped to the club he held in his hand. Is that what he’d hit Alex with? Was Alex okay?
    “You don’t even know my name, do you?” he asked.
    “Of course, you don’t. Miss

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