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to go home, Daniel took a quick glance at his watch. He needed to get out of there. Otherwise he’d be late to his function, even though he wasn’t too thrilled about an evening of schmoozing. “Who is it, Lucy?”
    â€œIt’s Ryan Fortune, sir. He says it’s important.”
    Daniel had hoped the call might be from Alisha Hart, even if it did pertain to business. He hadn’t seen or heard from her in over a week aside from official correspondence, and he’d missed her—a lot. But if his cousin was calling at this time of day, it was bound to be important. He picked up the receiver and said, “Hey, Ryan. What’s up?”
    That one word, said with serious concern, worried Daniel. “Anything I can help you with?”
    â€œYeah. First, are there any leads on Jason Jamison’s whereabouts?”
    â€œNothing substantial yet, but they’ll get him.”
    â€œI hope they do. Real soon.”
    Daniel knew the man well enough to know when he was holding back, like right now. “What else is bothering you, Ryan?”
    â€œI’ve been getting some threats.”
    â€œYeah. Some messages on my voice mail. Someone saying they’re going to hurt someone I love.”
    Daniel experienced a sick feeling in his gut. “Have you reported this to the police?”
    â€œYeah. So far the calls have been untraceable. I’m almost a hundred percent sure it’s Jason making the threats.”
    â€œI’m going to make a few calls to the Red Rock Police Department and the sheriff’s department. I’ll make sure they send out extra patrols. You also need to up your private security. I could call Vincent and see if he can handle it.”
    â€œDon’t bother your brother. He’s still on his honeymoon.”
    True, Daniel thought, but Vincent’s extended trip with his new wife had a lot to do with protecting her. Natalie would be Daniel’s star witness in the case against Jamison since she’d witnessed him murder his presumed wife. Provided Jamison ever turned up again. “I’m sure he has someone handling things at his company in his absence.”
    â€œDon’t worry about it. I’ve got another…” Ryan paused as if trying to gather his thoughts. “I’ve got another security company here locally that can take care of it. I just wanted to let you know what’s happening.”
    â€œI appreciate it. And, Ryan, we will catch the bastard.”
    â€œI hope I live to see that happen.”
    â€œI don’t think it’s going to take forty years.”
    â€œLife is short, Danny. You never know when it’s all going to come to an end.”
    Daniel’s concern increased. He’d never known his cousin to be anything but positive. “Are you sure you’re okay, Ryan?”
    â€œYeah, I’m okay. And I need to go. Lily’s waiting dinner on me. Thanks for talking with me, Danny. I appreciate it more than you know.”
    â€œAnytime, Ryan. Feel free to call to check in, and I’ll do the same.”
    After shared goodbyes, Daniel grabbed his coat from the back of his chair and loosened his tie. The conversation left him with a sudden sense of foreboding. Something was definitely wrong with Ryan. He never stumbled over his words. He’d always been sharp and succinct. Maybe it was just stress. God knew the man had had enough of that lately.
    Unfortunately Daniel didn’t have much time to worry about that now. After he made the necessary phone calls to the authorities, he needed to get home and grab some dinner and a shower in preparation for a social event heralding the upcoming opening of a family-crisis center, a place he’d supported both financially and emotionally. He knew all about families in crises. Despite that fact, if he had his way, he’d stay in tonight and look over the Massey case. Correction: if he

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