Blessing The Highlander

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Authors: J. Lee Coulter
           “What does that mean?” she asked languorously in his arms.
                 “Ta the moon and back.” He smiled at his bride. “That is where ye just took me.” He leaned over her kissing her swollen lips before he left the bed to retrieve a cleaning cloth.
                 When he returned, he spread her thighs and tenderly wiped away the virginal blood, then set the cloth aside. She watched him curious as to what he was doing.
                 Garrick glanced at her. “Did I hurt ye overmuch, wife?”
                 She shook her head. “Nay. I was just pondering what ye were doing with the cloth. I could wash out the stain if the cost is too dear.”
                 “Nay, me sweet. ‘Tis our proof.”
                 “Proof? Proof of what?” she asked naively. “And for who? I ken of nae need for proving anything to anyone.”
                 He returned to bed, settling his new wife in his arms. As he covered the both of them he enlightened her of the necessity. “I am Laird… and as such, I am required ta find me an untainted bride so the bloodline will be assured. Me clan expects it of me. It is a surety for our children.” He hesitated. “It will, moreover, be proof for your kin if we ever find them that ye are truly wed.”
                 Seonaid considered what he told her as she snuggled in his warm embrace. She found his explanation to be plausible. “Tis a wise idea,” she yawned. “Husband?”
                 “Aye wife?”
                 “My thanks for being so longsuffering with me and taking the time to clarify things. I ken that it is nae the nature of most men.”
                 Garrick gave her sleepy face a stunned look. She was right about that. It was not in his nature either… but when he thought about it, he had been explaining more to her in the last few days than at any other time he could recall. He scoffed to himself as he reasoned that he was doing so because of her memory loss. “There will be periods that I will nae do so, Seonaid. That is when ye will have ta trust me decisions. But ye are welcome.” He kissed her brow and closed his eyes for some well-earned rest.
                 “Aye...I will always trust your decisions,” she mumbled as she finally dozed off.
                Seonaid stirred just before dawn and studied her new husband’s appearance… awestruck. He had a strong face she determined in accord to herself. She was fortunate that he was the one who had stumbled upon her. Her heart expanded as she reminisced their joining. She had feelings for this man...intense feelings. She was not certain what they were though. Was it lust? Desire? Or something more? She could not say. They were virtuous feelings though, of that she was convinced.
                 She arose from bed since sleep evaded her and clothed herself. Her thoughts meandered over all that Garrick had attained for her up till now. Seonaid’s eyes sparkled as she settled on a splendid notion. I will have fare to break our fast fetched for him! It will be a pleasing surprise! With that decided, she silently opened the door slipping from the room.
                 Seonaid located the innkeeper’s wife in the kitchen a short time later and gave her the request. She was returning to their chamber when grimy hands seized her forcefully by the waist covering her mouth. She gasped as he squeezed her bruised ribs triggering fresh pain through her. His putrid hand encompassing her mouth caused her to gag. She endeavored to scream as he picked her up with the arm about her waist. As her feet left the flooring she began thrashing and kicking at her unseen assailant. Her eyes darted wildly around in the dark passage searching for someone or something to aid her.
                 “Settle yourself, little siren,” a rough voice

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