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hard length. It was too much.
    Nick raised himself on his elbows and repositioned his cock at her entrance. Belle stilled, and then, their eyes locked, Nick pushed slowly, sinking inside her inch by inch. It was unbearable torture, resisting every impulse in his body that told him to go hard and go deep as fast as possible, but something held him back. Belle’s eyes widened at the penetration, and when he was fully within she let out a little whimper from the back of her throat.
    ‘Are you okay, sweetheart?’
    In answer, Belle bent her knees and tilted her pelvis, allowing him to push just a little deeper. He groaned but still he stayed motionless, waiting a moment for her to adjust.
    ‘Do it,’ Belle urged.
    ‘Do what?’ He couldn’t resist asking.
    ‘You know,’ she said coyly.
    Nick lowered himself to her ear. ‘Ask me. Go on, say it,’ he whispered.
    The expression on Belle’s face was priceless. Desperation and embarrassment and deep, overwhelming desire battled there. Finally desire won out, as he’d known it would. ‘Fuck me, Nick. Please.’
    Nick was more than happy to comply.
    He began to move, long slow strokes in and out, and Belle sighed and her eyes fluttered closed.
    Long and slow could only last so long though, and soon Nick’s body demanded hard and fast and would not be denied. He hooked an arm under Belle’s knee and brought her leg up over his shoulder. They both groaned as she opened further in the new position and he plunged ever deeper inside her.
    Belle was trembling, he could feel it along her whole body, and just as he was wondering if he could last long enough to take her over the edge, her vaginal muscles fluttered around him and her breath caught. A shudder went though her before she arched and cried out, her face set in the mask of ultimate pleasure. Nick knew he’d never seen anything more captivating in his life.
    He pushed through the pulses of her orgasm, grunting with the effort of his restraint at the top of each driving push. His thrusts became harder, more urgent, as he built to his own climax. He took in the heat that surrounded his cock and the ache in his balls at the sight of Belle’s breasts bouncing as he pounded into her.
    With a cry ripped from his very soul, Nick came, his orgasm pulsing from him in white-hot bursts of pleasure, giving over to the completely primal and instinctual gratification of burying his seed deep inside a woman. Instinct knew nothing of condoms.
    As the last of his release spurted out of him, Nick let Belle’s leg go and leaned closer to her, pressing his mouth to hers. His arms shook with the effort, but he couldn’t bring himself to pull out just yet.
    One more kiss.
    And another.
    Belle’s hands stroked his back and murmured nonsense words of comfort and reassurance against his skin, into his mouth.
    He began to soften and, mindful of the condom, he reluctantly withdrew, grabbing a handful of tissues from the box on the bedside table and ridding himself of the condom before turning back to gather Belle into his arms.
    She cuddled into his chest and for a few minutes Nick was the most contented he’d been – ever . In his whole life. He should have been nervous about that, he knew, but he felt too wonderful, too comfortable and too satisfied to worry about that now.
    He was drifting to sleep. ‘That was . . .’ he mumbled. He trailed off, not wanting to say amazing , even though it had been, because it sounded so trite. ‘Belle, I don’t know how to say this . . .’ he began, his voice thick with sleep, not even sure what it was he couldn’t say.
    He was suddenly conscious of a new tension. Belle’s body had become rigid against his, and a moment after, she shifted his arm and pulled away from him.
    Frowning, Nick turned on his side to face her. ‘Belle? What’s —’
    He broke off as all the wonderful feelings disappeared in an instant, and a headache began to pulse behind his eyes. That strange, flooding anxiety

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