Wolf Hunter

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Authors: Ryan Loveless
I can,” Jaylen said, so soft Westley wasn’t sure if it was a seduction or a promise.
    “Please. Touch me.”
    Jaylen didn’t speak, only obeyed. He replaced his fingers with his mouth and kissed his way over to Westley’s nipples. He stroked Westley’s thigh and dipped beneath his waistband to rub his hip. Westley undid his button and raised up at Jaylen’s, “Come on.” Leaving a circle of saliva on Westley’s nipple, Jaylen pulled back and stripped him out of his pants, taking Westley’s underwear down too. Westley sprawled out naked on his back. He kept his hands at his sides and let Jaylen look all he wanted. He wasn’t ashamed of his body, and if a blush burned across his chest as Jaylen’s gaze swept down his torso to settle on his ready cock, it was because he was thinking about Jaylen touching him.
    Jaylen finally moved again—thumbs pressed into the pale divots between Westley’s torso and his hips—without speaking.
    “ Not a talker, huh?” Westley asked. Jaylen grunted in response and stretched up to kiss him. “Okay.” Westley spread his fingers over the back of Jaylen’s head. He traced down the lines of Jaylen’s cornrows. Talking around Jaylen’s mouth, he said, “I can deal with that.” Then Jaylen wrapped his hand firm around Westley’s cock, pushed his tongue into Westley’s mouth, and Westley forgot about talking. He didn’t realize until Jaylen tried to pull away that he’d twisted Jaylen’s braids around his fist.
    “ Sorry.” He shook them loose.
    “ Don’t apologize,” Jaylen said, and kissed him again. “You got lube?”
    “ Just use your spit.”
    “ Westley....”
    “ It’s fine. Promise.”
    “ Hm.” Jaylen pulled away. Westley scanned his face for disapproval, but found a cross of amusement and lust instead. “You like it rough, huh?”
    “ I like to feel it.” Westley figured a half truth was better than the whole. Telling Jaylen his omega body helped ease the way when he was aroused—wolves didn’t stop for foreplay—might be a mood killer, and, if what was said about Jaylen was true, a Westley killer as well. And besides that, he did like a cock to stretch him, and he was curious how Jaylen would feel inside him.
    “ I’m guessing I was wrong thinking you were a virgin.” Jaylen’s voice dropped so low Westley felt the rumble in his stomach.
    “ Yeah.” Westley was hard as hell when Jaylen got around to pushing a finger into him. He went in strong, no hesitation. He didn’t spit on it until he added a second, and didn’t ask “That all right?” until the third was going in and Westley had flung his knees over Jaylen’s shoulders to give himself more leverage to push on Jaylen’s hand, pull him deeper.
    “ Yeah.” Westley offered up the unnecessary answer. “Please. More. Jaylen. More.” Jaylen caught him by the hair. Westley moaned when Jaylen’s teeth tickled his ear.
    Jaylen pulled away to tear open the condom packet he’d plucked from his back pocket. “You got any lube or you want me to take you on spit?” Westley’s arousal surged at the confidence in Jaylen’s voice. He’s done this before, taken someone like this before. Rough and strong, no questions.
    Westley watched him roll the condom on. Jaylen had opened his fly enough to get his cock out. Otherwise, he was still fully dressed, including his jacket and his boots. If he were going to pull a runner, all he had to do was zip up on his way out. Westley grabbed Jaylen’s wrist, needing to hold him there. “Lube on the condom’s enough.”
    “It’s your ass,” Jaylen said, but he sounded agreeable.
    Westley pulled Jaylen into his arms. He reached between them for Jaylen’s cock. “Come on.” He lined Jaylen up. “Come on. Want you.”
    “Need me?” Jaylen asked, teasing.
    “ Need you,” Westley affirmed. He didn’t breathe again until Jaylen took him. Jaylen thrust into him hard, fingers digging into Westley’s hips. Westley imagined how it would be

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