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affection for acting out every movie he saw.
Star Wars
was one of his favorites. One day Nathan came over wearing Dave’s bathrobe and told me he was a Jedi master. As I watched from the kitchen window, Nathan pulled his hand out of the widesleeve, waved it over our dog Bosco, and said, “These are not the droids you’re looking for.”
    I love that memory of Nathan. He doesn’t appreciate my telling it.
    Penny’s Jedi mind-manipulation move didn’t seem to work on the hotel clerk. He tapped a few keys on the computer keyboard in front of him, and looking up with clear eyes, he said, “I do not show a double room available for tonight.”


    W ould you be so kind as to check your system again?” Penny asked the hotel clerk.
    I stood back, thinking it wasn’t this poor kid’s fault we hadn’t made a reservation.
    Penny looked cool as could be.
    “Madam, we have a suite available, but no double rooms until Monday night. Would you like the suite?”
    Penny paused. I thought she was thinking what I was thinking. A suite would cost far too much at a hotel like this. We could call a taxi—a different taxi—and go to the next hotel on the list.
    Penny apparently had another tactic in mind. “May I speak with your manager?”
    “Certainly, madam.”
    “What are you going to say?” I asked Penny.
    “Don’t worry, Sharon. I’ve got it covered. I deal with people like this all the time.”
    “People like what? Nineteen-year-old college studentsworking part-time as hotel desk clerks? We didn’t make a reservation, Penny”
    “That shouldn’t matter. You know they have empty rooms.”
    “I don’t know that. You don’t know that either. We should have called for a reservation as soon as we got off the plane. If we hadn’t spent so much time with the baggage claim people—”
    “Exactly!” Penny cut in. “And that’s my point. I’m going to tell the manager our peculiar situation.”
    “Our peculiar situation?”
    Penny’s gaze moved past me. I watched her expression soften as she put on an engaging smile.
    “Hello.” She greeted the approaching manager and extended her hand. He was an older, distinguished-looking gentleman in a dark suit. He didn’t look like someone who appreciated being called to the front desk to hear about “our peculiar situation.”
    “How are you this evening? My name is Penny Lane.” She paused, waiting for a response.
    The manager’s reaction was exactly what Penny seemed to be hoping for.
    “Penny Lane?” he repeated with a controlled smile.
    “Yes, Penny Lane.”
    “How may I be of assistance, Ms. Lane?”
    “I need a recommendation from you. You see, we left San Francisco yesterday morning, and due to delays, we arrived in Helsinki late. My friend’s luggage was lost, and as you might imagine, we are about to collapse.”
    She sounded controlled and professionally articulate. This was a side of Penny I rarely had seen.
    “I’m hoping you can give us a recommendation,” Pennywent on. “We wanted to stay with you during our week-and-a-half visit to Finland, but I understand you don’t have any double rooms available until Monday.”
    “That is correct.”
    “I see. Well, would you be able to recommend another hotel here in Helsinki? We would like to stay in a hotel that’s as nice as yours.”
    The suppressed grin on the seasoned manager’s face grew to a genuine smile. “Have you stayed with us before, Ms. Lane?”
    “No, this is our first trip to Finland. My mother grew up in Finland. I’m here to visit relatives.”
    “Oh, so you are from Finland?”
    “My mother was.”
    “May I offer you our preferred rate?” He rapidly tapped the computer keys as the young man looked on with a surprised expression. “I have a junior executive suite available for roughly 10 percent more per night than our double room.”
    “Perfect!” Penny said brightly. “I think that would work out just fine. Thank you.”
    “My pleasure, Ms. Lane. Joona can

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