Curves of the French Riviera

Free Curves of the French Riviera by Krista Lakes

Book: Curves of the French Riviera by Krista Lakes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Krista Lakes
Curves of the French Riviera
    Krista Lakes
    Published by Krista Lakes
    Copyright 2012 Krista Lakes
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    Curves of the French Riviera
    “You’re going to get tan lines Megs. Take your top off- what’s the point of going to a topless beach if you don’t go topless?” Laura chided, her own top folded neatly beside her. At least her boobs are small , thought Megan. Despite Laura’s insistence, there was no way she was going to take down her top. Megan had a cute tankini that accentuated and covered her full figure in a way that she liked, and she wasn’t about to take it off. Especially not since she felt like the biggest girl on the beach. All the French girls seemed so tiny and confident in their sex appeal; it was hard not to feel like she stuck out already and Megan just wasn’t ready to exhibit any more of herself than necessary. She gave Laura an evil glare over the tops of her sunglasses, to which Laura laughed and left her alone. Megan lay back and dozed in sunshine, listening to the waves and idly scrunching the sand under her toes.
    This was their graduation present to themselves- a trip to Cannes, France for a week in the sun. They both minored in French, and Megan’s great aunt owned a house not to far out of town and kept begging for the girls to visit. For the price of a plane ticket and a bottle of wine for her aunt, they had found themselves sunbathing along the Côte d'Azur. It was a dream come true.
    “More sunscreen?” Laura asked holding out the bottle. Megan looked down at her body; she liked the way she was bronzing, but she could feel her shoulders heating. She held out her hand and Laura squirted the warm white goop onto it. Megan carefully rubbed her hands together, trying to keep the sand out of it before rubbing it on her chest, shoulders, nose, and any other easily burned area she could think of.
    Laura tossed the sunscreen back in her beach bag, and lay back on her elbows looking out towards the ocean. She looked like a goddess bathing in the sun. Laura was fit and thin with long blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. If she wasn’t such a wonderful friend, Megan would have hated her for her perfect beauty. Megan often felt like a giant troll standing next to the pretty princess when they went out. Where Laura was thin and petite, Megan had curves. She had always been a little bigger. Even in elementary school she had been chunky despite being an active kid. It didn’t bother her until high school, but she made friends instead of boyfriends and focused more on AP classes, and college came quickly enough.
    She tried to slim down in college and she went to the campus gym religiously with Laura. Somehow Laura managed to get skinnier while Megan never lost an ounce. Her figure made her feel either invisible or the biggest thing in the room. Most of the time she didn’t let it bother her, but when they went out together it was always Laura that got free drinks and ended up whisked away by handsome men. Megan was always the friend the wingman took so the other guy could get the pretty girl. Laura, for her part, always made sure that Megan had a good time, but sometimes it frustrated her that she was never the one being pursued. She was always second place. She was by no means virginal, but finding a willing partner wasn’t always easy for her. The wingmen who picked her up often seemed surprised to find themselves enjoying her company, and several had taken her home. It never seemed to last though.
    Megan secretly

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