Curves of the French Riviera

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Authors: Krista Lakes
hoped to meet a celebrity while she vacationed in Cannes. It was a month after the big film festival, but she was hoping that a few were sticking around enjoying the beautiful weather. TMZ was reporting that Brad Pitt’s new movie was filming just off the coast, so there was that prospect too. She sighed, knowing that there was really no way she would ever meet Brad Pitt, and that if Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston were what interested him, he wouldn’t even look twice at her. Oh well, I just want his autograph anyway , she thought to herself as she lay back onto her towel.
    She woke up easily when Laura reached over and tapped Megan’s knee marking twenty minutes. Megan thanked her and rolled onto her stomach, making sure her long strawberry blonde hair was off her back. She carefully undid the ties to her top, leaving her back open to the sun. She closed her eyes and concentrated on relaxing, the sun and surf absorbing into her being. She was just thinking that she could get used to this when she heard male voices strike up a conversation with Laura. She tried to ignore them, and get back to her zen thoughts, but Laura reached over and brought her into the conversation.
    “This is my friend, Megan” she introduced to the two male voices in perfect French. Megan sighed, quickly tying her top back on and sitting up to turn around. Two handsome men in their late twenties sat in the sand, obviously interested in Laura. They politely shook Megan’s hand, but the second Laura began talking their attention focused only on her. Megan felt like waving her hands in front of their faces and screaming that she was interesting too, but she knew it wouldn’t make much difference. She regretted sitting up at all; she should have just stayed sunbathing and ignored them since they weren’t interested in her at all.
    “Ce soir? We could come out with you tonight. What do you think Megs? These two locals say they would like to show us around a little tonight- maybe even dancing.” Laura raised her eyebrows hopefully at Megan. Megan knew that look- Laura was interested in one of them. The two men glanced quickly at each other, trying to figure out what to say before Megan could answer.
    “Sorry, not the two of you. Just you, Laura.” The first young man blushed as he turned to Megan, ”But of course, you can come if you want, but Henri already has a date and I only need one…”
    “Forget it then. Find somebody else. Come on Megs, it is time for us to be going anyway.” Laura’s voice was cold enough to freeze the ocean as she threw her swimsuit cover-up on and began rolling her towel. Megan forced the hurt down, grateful that her friend wasn’t going to let them do that to her. The two men sat in the sand looking confused as Laura hastily packed up the last of her things and pulled Megan off the beach muttering under her breath about how rude the French could be.
    “Damn girl! You look good!” Laura whistled at Megan as she stepped out of the bathroom. Megan grinned. She had bought this dress at one of the shops near the airport, and it fit like a glove. Bright red and cut in classic style that reminded her of 1940’s pinup girls, she felt like a million bucks. In this dress, she felt like she could hold her own with Laura and her light blue sundress. Megan’s aunt wished them a good night as they left out the front door. The sun was setting slowly, giving a little relief from the heat of the day as the two girls made their way to the main street. They were going to go see the film festival building, then walk along the shops along the Promenade de la Croisette and then walk down by the marina to see the insanely expensive yachts docked there.
    As they approached the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, they could see tourists snapping pictures on what was the red carpet during the festival. Laura pushed Megan towards the steps as she pulled out her camera. She nodded encouragingly as Megan began to walk down

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