Nemesis and the Fairy of Pure Heart

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Book: Nemesis and the Fairy of Pure Heart by Ashley Du Toit Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ashley Du Toit
Tags: Children's Fantasy
could look into the tunnel. It stretched ahead, wide and straight for as far as she could see with the small light crystal, so taking a deep breath, she entered.
    She had travelled along the tunnel for several minutes when the faint sounds of singing and giggling reached her ears. Her feet stilled. Someone was in these caves with her. Bella’s heart thumped wildly and she had to strain to hear over it. So as not to give her presence away before she knew who or what she was facing, she shielded the light crystal with her hands. She could then see a dim glow in the distance, spilling out into the main tunnel from an opening to the right.
    She inched along one wall until she was just outside. She cautiously moved her head until she could just see inside. She saw a naturally rounded cave room. Then her eyes widened with shock as she spotted two of the biggest goblins she had ever seen.
    Slowly, so as not to draw their attention, she extinguished her light crystal and returned it to her bag. She wanted to observe them for a few moments before making herself known.
    Sitting on the dirty floor, the goblins sang at the top of their voices and then burst into loud fits of laughter. From this distance Bella could not quite hear what they were laughing about, but she stifled the sudden urge to laugh herself at the way they were behaving. Bella had always believed that goblins were dim-witted, hairy and fat. She had never seen any who were as light-hearted as these two; goblins had always seemed so serious to her before.
    After watching them for a few more moments, she decided that it would be safe enough to step out of her hiding place. These goblins did not seem dangerous at all. She stepped inside the room. The goblins didn’t even notice.
    â€œAhem!” she said.
    Both goblins got such a fright that they fell onto their backs. They looked at her and then at each other, as if not believing that this was happening. They tried to stand, but only managed to tangle their legs and fall over each other again, which set them off in even louder fits of laughter. Bella found herself laughing too at their silly antics.
    After their laughter died down, Bella introduced herself.
    â€œMy name is Bella, Fairy of Pure Heart,” she said, wondering if they could understand her. The first, bigger goblin stood up.
    â€œPretty fairy wairy,” he giggled, then looked at the other goblin, who was also standing by this time.
    While the goblins turned their attention to her, Bella took a good look at them. The first thing she noticed was that their bodies were a bright burnished orange, and they were very dirty. They wore no shirts, and their huge pot-belly tummies hung over the tops of their pants.
    The first goblin wore blue pants, sheared at the bottom and secured around his waist with a ratty old brown string. The second had green shorts, also frayed at the bottom, with the same kind of worn brown string holding them up. They wore no shoes on their massive feet, so she could see ugly toes with thick black toenails peeking over the edges. Her gaze travelling to their faces, she noted the long, sharp, yellowed teeth, large hooked noses and pointed ears, long matted hair springing out from the back of their large heads. They were two very ugly fellows, and would have looked completely fearsome except for their big, expressive eyes. Their eyes held just a glimpse of childish mischief and delight, an air of innocence that seemed totally in contrast with their huge bodies.
    Bella felt the urge to laugh at their bizarre appearance, but she didn’t want to hurt their feelings, so she said, “Kind Goblins, I am Bella, Fairy of Pure Heart. What are your names?”
    The smaller of the two answered her, “Me name is Pronkzie, and this be me brother ... hmmmm.” He paused, then as if a light had been turned on, finished his introductions: “Gariz.”
    â€œWhat are you doing here?” she asked them, although by this

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