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understandable that you still care for the father of your children. I’m sure every divorced wife feels even just a little bit of concern for the ex-husband she had kids with. It’s not like…”
    Anne stopped talking as they heard a knock on the bedroom door.
    “What is it?” Kate asked loudly.
    The bedroom door opened and Bryan stepped in.
    “Lt. Paulson is on the phone. He said he wanted to talk to you immediately.”
    Kate took the receiver that was in Bryan’s hand. “Lt. Paulson?”
    “Kate, I have some news…bad news, I’m afraid.”
    Kate swallowed. “Go on.”
    “Charlene Morrow has been found.”
    Kate held her breath.
    “She’s dead.”

    Chapter Eleven
    Kate clutched at her chest, her cheeks growing pale as she watched two men transport the bag containing Charlene’s body to the coroner’s van.
    Not too long ago, Charlene had been smiling, her smile showing the dimple on her right cheek and the gap between her front teeth, her eyes glistening with the hope and passion for living; typical of people who had their whole lives ahead of them. Now, Charlene had nothing ahead of her. She would never smile again.
    She was cold, still and in the dark.
    That, however, was not the worst part. Now that Charlene had been found dead, the whole tragedy was more real, along with the possibility that she might never be able to bring Jack and Lena home alive.
    Her children were at the mercy of a murderer.
    She clamped her hand over her mouth, the mere thought of seeing Jack or Lena in small black body bags making her want to scream in anguish and feel like throwing up at the same time.
    “We shouldn’t have come here,” Bryan said as he wrapped his arms around her.
    She shook her head. “I wanted to see.”
    What exactly did she want to see for herself? Charlene’s body? The police doing their jobs? Or had she been hoping for a sign, any sign that Jack and Lena were still alive?
    “Ms. Evans, are you all right?” Lt. Paulson’s voice broke into her thoughts.
    Kate nodded, though she was aware that she was still trembling. “What can you tell us, Lieutenant?”
    Lt. Paulson checked his notebook. “Charlene Morrow was found somewhere in the woods at around four A.M. A local named Ivan Yates found her and placed the call. He said he was looking for worms to use as baits for his next fishing trip and stumbled upon the body. The coroner estimates she’s been dead for at least three days.”
    Kate squeezed Bryan’s arm as she let out a curse.
    “Was she murdered?” Lloyd asked.
    Kate and Bryan both turned their heads towards Lloyd at the same time while Lt. Paulson looked up from his notebook with a grimace.
    “Yes,” he answered shakily. “The coroner said the cause of death was a gunshot.”
    “Which means?” Kate asked.
    “She died from a wound straight to her heart,” Lt. Paulson explained. “It isn’t sure yet what gun was used.”
    “It doesn’t matter,” Lloyd said, a hint of anger showing in his voice. “What matters is that she was murdered, killed in cold blood, and then dumped carelessly. I did not think we were dealing with somebody so cold-blooded.”
    “You think kidnapping isn’t cold-blooded enough?” Bryan asked.
    Lloyd ignored him, turning to Lt. Paulson instead. “Is there any trace of the kids in the area?”
    “We’ve already checked the perimeter,” Lt. Paulson replied. “We did not find any indication that the children were with Charlene at the time she was killed.”
    “But you did not find any indication that the children are alive, either,” Lloyd said. It was not a question but a statement.
    “Canine units are searching the premises as we speak,” Lt. Paulson merely said.
    “And are we to believe that the same person who killed Charlene is the one who has the children?” Lloyd asked, persistent. “Or is there a possibility that it could be someone else? That this is a separate incident?”
    “It’s no separate incident,” Agent

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