Drawn To You (Taking Chances #3)

Free Drawn To You (Taking Chances #3) by Liwen Ho

Book: Drawn To You (Taking Chances #3) by Liwen Ho Read Free Book Online
Authors: Liwen Ho
    “Those shoes,” he reiterated in a gruff voice, “are a hazard.”
    “Are you concerned about me, Officer Choi?” she teased, knowing full well that she had his complete attention.
    “You need more practical shoes. For your well-being and those around you.”
    “And give up these gorgeous babies?” Not to mention, the opportunity to fall in his arms again?She licked her lips and saw his pupils dilate. “No, thanks.”
    He finally dropped his arms. “I may not be here to catch you next time.”
    “I’ll take my chances.” And that was what she chose to do. It was time to take her chances and do what she’d been wanting to do ever since they reunited.
    She slid her palms from his broad chest to his shoulders and rested them there for a moment. Her breathing grew shallow as she walked the fingers of her right hand up his neck and ran them through the thick hair at his nape. His light brown eyes darkened with intensity and his hands were at her waist again, pressing their bodies close. Closing her eyes, she reached up to kiss him. Her lips had barely brushed his when he turned away.
    “Sam, stop.” The words came out harsher than Lucas intended. He watched her eyes open, and humiliation cast a shadow on her beautiful features.
    She snatched her purse off the tile floor and ran out the door.
    “Sammie!” He slumped against the doorframe and ran a hand over his face. What am I doing?
    His eyes followed her as she ran to her car parked at the curb. The hem of her white dress flew up around her knees, reminding him of a flag waving in the wind. The concept of surrender though didn’t exist in Sam’s world. Just like the dress, she could not be tamed. Her rebellious side showed itself even more in the bold slit that ran down the center of her back. Why anyone would spend money on clothing that didn’t provide adequate coverage was beyond him. It was hardly practical, but practicality aside, he had to admit she looked good. So good that he had almost kissed her back.
    He had wanted to. He was human after all, and what man wouldn’t be tempted to respond to Sam’s advances? Knowing she wanted him felt like the first time he had fired a gun: exhilarating, yet frightening. So much power existed in his hands when he held that deadly weapon, power triggered by an instinct to protect himself and others. And it was his instinct for protecting Lucy that made him resist her. He couldn’t care for her after what he learned about her tonight. But that didn’t lessen the guilt he felt over rejecting her.
    She would never admit it, but he knew she was hurt. As expected, her hurt manifested itself in anger. She was emptying her purse onto the car’s hood with such force that the contents made clanging sounds on impact. One item, a long black tube, began rolling away from her. Standing on one foot, she leaned over the hood to reach it before it fell into the street. She hopped up in a last ditch effort to grab it and landed back down on the heel of her sandal. Her ankle rolled onto its side, and she cried out in pain.
    Lucas was out the door and running down the driveway, watching her fall as if in slow motion. He caught her with one arm around her back before she hit the concrete. Placing his other arm behind her knees, he quickly scooped her up.
    The moment seemed surreal, holding Sam in his arms as the sky above them turned into mesmerizing streaks of pink and orange. Adrenaline continued to pump through his veins, causing him to hold her close. Their eyes met, and the softness he saw in hers, that unfamiliar look of vulnerability, made him love her even more. Without a second thought, he placed his mouth on hers. He heard Sam gasp before she encircled her arms around his neck. She returned his kiss with more passion than he thought possible.
    After a long while, they parted, both breathless and quiet.
    Sam smiled and spoke first. “You said you wouldn’t be here to catch me next time.”
    “I changed my

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