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Authors: Eugene W Cusie
the door, but just a crack.” I said.
    “Are you sure?”
    “Positive, we need to put Roberts out of his misery.”
    I could tell Jacobs was nervous by the way his hand shook as he put the key in, turned it, and opened it just wide enough for Roberts to push his head through it. Roberts started to scream, and it sounded as if someone had filled his lungs with fluids, like he was drowning.  I shoved the broom handle into his mouth in an upward motion with such force that it came out the top of his head. He stopped moving. I pulled the broom handle out and he fell back as Jacobs closed the door.
    “Now what do we do Williams?”
    “We go get the other two Gray Eyes in there. Pick up the other stick. I’ll go in and lure them back here. Hopefully, we can get them one at a time.”
    “ Gray Eyes . I like that.” Jacobs picked up the broom and held it just in front of where the bristles started. “I’m ready; let’s do this before I lose my nerve.”
    “You lose your nerve? I’m the one running in there.” I smiled, even after all this, I still could smile that’s got to count for something.
    Jacobs gave me a pat on my back and opened the door. I held my flashlight in my left hand and the spear in my right. . The wing had gone silent the moment I had started walking except for the sound of one of the Gray Eyes banging against the second cell on the left. I shined my light around; I saw that the inmates were all on their doors watching me through the small cell windows. I had planned to get the Gray Eye ’ s attention but when I saw my flashlight just twenty-feet ahead of me I changed the plan. I walked slowly towards them. I wanted my flashlight back.
    I had this flashlight since I started my career. It was a gift from my father when I graduated the academy many years ago, while my father was still alive. It was a bad idea but still I crept past the Gray Eye banging on the cell door. I started to have second thoughts when I didn’t see the second Gray Eye . A few steps from the flashlight, I turned my mini flashlight off, put it in my back pocket, leaned over, and wrapped my fingers around the cold metal flashlight. I aimed it forward as I stood up, right on the face of that second Gray Eye . I had missed it somehow. It grabbed my face, and I felt its nails dig deep into my flesh. I kicked its leg in and pushing with my left hand breaking its grip. It fell onto its knees. I stabbed it in the head with the broom. There were the sounds of bare feet smacking concrete floors. The sounds still far away. I shined my light on the one I had just stabbed. It was on the ground, its arms and hands flailing around trying to grab the broom handle. It wasn’t in deep enough. I kicked the end of the wooden handle and it went all the way through.
    I felt air against the back of my neck. I moved to the left and dodged the other Gray Eye and ran full speed towards the door, towards Jacobs. I made it through the door and Jacobs closed it behind me. A moment later, there was a thud of flesh and bone smashing into the door. Again, we opened the door just enough for its head to come through and Jacobs stabbed it in the head.
    “Now what do we do?” Jacobs Asked.
    “Maybe we could use these guys to help us get out?” This place was full of some very bad people that deserved to rot in a cell. Finally, they were going to get their chance to do just that. While others, the more deserving were going to get their second chance.

    Chapter 17
    09/18/2004 0930 Hours
    Officer Ted Bryant
    I asked Gus about his weapon supply and was surprised by the amount. He had one AR-15 with fifty-four rounds, one Remington 870 Shotgun with sixteen shells, and one Smith and Wesson Model 16 revolver with eighteen bullets. I had one Glock Model 19 with fourteen bullets and four fifteen round clips on me. A Bushmaster AR-15 in my truck with four thirty round clips, one Mossberg 500Ashotgun in my front seat with twenty shells.
    Gus covered me as I got the

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