The Gravity of Anti-Gravity

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Authors: Tim Blagge
Dr. Stella Morton.”
    “You mean there’s a woman scientist you’re working with? Must be a real looker,” Pops said sarcastically.
    “Actually, you might be surprised, Pops.” I commented. “I’m sorry but I’m running late, got to go.”
    On the way to work, I needed some caffeine to help get the old synapses firing so I made time to stop at Starbuck’s. I purchased a black coffee for me and a vanilla latte for Stella. I had no idea what she drank but based on my meager experience with the opposite sex they seemed to prefer the frilly drinks.
    “Good morning Dr. Morton. I brought you a latte from Starbucks.”
    “Thank you Mr. Burton but I don’t drink anything with caffeine in it.”
    “You’re kidding right?” I questioned. “How could anyone get through MIT and graduate school, without a little chemical stimulation?”
    “I just never had the need,” she answered and added. “Bill, look at these calculations. I programmed the computer to analyze the information from all the stations available that could accurately measure when the space-time pulse hit them. We are talking instruments that could measure time within a millionth of a second and which recorded the precise time the wave hit. Unfortunately we haven’t received reports from enough of them to make a definitive conclusion. So my results are only preliminary. Are you ready for this?”
    I gulped my coffee, sat down and braced myself.
    “Bill, I’ve been able to locate the origin of the space-time wave to somewhere in Southern California,” Stella explained. “When I get few more readings, I should be able to pinpoint the origin to within a square mile. With more readings, which we should have by the end of the week, we should know the exact location.”
    “Now before we get started, is there anything you want to tell me?” She asked me while drilling a hole in my head with her eyes.
    I thought about the question for a second. I decided the direct approach might smoke her out. Maybe she’d get right to the point and tell me what she was driving at.
    “About what, my date last night, how I slept, my plans for the future. To what subject are you referring Dr. Morton?”
    “I think you are aware of what I want to know, but I’ll play along for now. How was your date last night?” Stella asked.
    “Weird and wonderful,” I said. “I am still trying to figure out what it meant, but reconnecting with my first love, was, shall we say, intoxicating.”
    Stella looked at me in a way that made me feel strangely like she had an interest in me. Then she leaned in and said, “That was an interesting comment, Bill. Has there been a second love in your life?”
    “No, not yet,” I replied.”
    “So then you have nothing to compare it to, is that correct?” She said.
    “Sure, but first loves are famous for sticking with a person,” I answered.
    “But it sounds like maybe you are open to falling in love again.” Stella said sounding like she was going somewhere with the comment.
    “I’ve got an adventurous spirit. I like to take the world as it comes. Sometimes I catch the stuff life throws at me and sometimes I duck.” I replied in a feeble attempt to sound worldly.
    “I am sure you do Bill, I’m sure you do.” Stella replied.
    Stella and I worked through the rest of the day analyzing the data we had accumulated and adding more information as it came in. We also fine tuned the algorithm that we were using to zero in on the source of the time wave. I started to realize that it was only a matter of time until Stella figured it out. She was smart and I knew she wanted to find the answer first. Her mission was to beat the other teams across the globe as well as the other scientists working in our office. This woman was driven.
    “Bill, it’s after five. You probably know this, but since you are on salary only now, you don’t get overtime pay. Figure you donated your time to the greater good today. I want to make it up to you. Why

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