Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series Book 1- Shockwave

Free Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series Book 1- Shockwave by Cheree Alsop

Book: Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series Book 1- Shockwave by Cheree Alsop Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cheree Alsop
doors. If it hit the doors harder than usual, he told himself he had done it to see if the demon was awake. The Dark fae didn’t so much as twitch a muscle.
    Aleric was tempted to put the demon in the Light fae side and let the fairy torture him, but he knew better than to trust the Dark creature. He angled the bed toward the door on the right and pushed it through.
    It took him a moment to locate the vampire. Dartan sat in the corner near the windows that had been covered from top to bottom by long pieces of wood.
    “Is that my new roomie?” Dartan asked.
    Aleric kept a careful eye on the vampire as he maneuvered the bed to one of the open side rooms.
    “Don’t talk to him,” Aleric said shortly. “He’s sedated and should sleep, but if he wakes up, he’ll only spread lies and deceptions.”
    The vampire gave a noncommittal grunt. “As I recall, you felt much the same way about me when we first met.”
    “I still feel the same way about you,” Aleric replied.
    The vampire crossed his arms. He had yet to move from his place against the wall.
    “Would you believe that my time here has changed my perspective?”
    “Not one bit,” Aleric replied. “You tell me if an anansi spider can ever tell the truth.”
    “People change,” the vampire said.
    “You’ll pardon me if I don’t feel that there has been adequate time to make up for wanting to eat a fairy in this same room less than four hours ago.” Aleric made his way to the door. He paused and said, “Don’t touch the demon. He’s stronger than he looks.”
    “Should I tell them that they’re dealing with a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” Dartan shot back.
    Aleric glanced over his shoulder. “I’m the one trying to help.”
    “And I’m the one stuck in here,” the vampire replied.
    “We’re both stuck, remember?” Aleric told him.
    Aleric pushed through the doors and made his way to the hall. He was about to go back to the E.R., but realized there was no reason to do so. Given the way the other orderlies and nurses looked at him after the demon incident, he felt like the less time he spent there, the better.
    There wasn’t anywhere else to go. Aleric looked up and down the hallway, wondering what he should do. He was exhausted. He wanted to sleep somewhere while there was a lull, but his greatest fear was that a patient in some other part of the hospital would make his or her way to the D Wing. At least the wing was fairly secluded from the other parts of the hospital. In fact, besides those humans he had seen in the E.R., he had yet to see anyone else. It seemed with the D Wing under construction for so long, everyone else was in the habit of not heading down the more isolated hallways.
    But there was always the chance. With the demon and vampire in the Dark fae room, Aleric didn’t want to risk anyone happening upon them by accident. It could be a very fatal accident indeed.
    He slid to a sitting position against the wall near the double doors and let his head settle back. It wasn’t the most comfortable position, but given the day he had just had, he could sleep anywhere. Aleric closed his eyes and gave in to the sleep that pressed heavily against his eyelids.

Chapter 6
    Aleric couldn’t decide if he was caught in a dream or reliving a memory as he watched the little wolf pup wander the streets of Blays. The first night had been hard. Thoughts of his mother made his heart ache more than his empty stomach. The little wolf sat on a street corner and pointed his muzzle to the sky.
    It felt fitting that his first howl would be that of loneliness. There was something about the glow of the moon peeking between the tall buildings that made Aleric feel as though someone listened to him. The face of the man on the moon looked as though he howled in reply.
    Something hard hit him in the back and Aleric yelped.
    “Shut up down there!” an angry voice shouted from the apartments above.
    Aleric took off up the street, his paws drumming a

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