The Wildcat that Tamed the Tycoon

Free The Wildcat that Tamed the Tycoon by Sabel Simmons

Book: The Wildcat that Tamed the Tycoon by Sabel Simmons Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sabel Simmons
protect her vulnerable heart, she
responded in the only way she knew would pull him from her body.
    His fingers closed over her lips
before she could utter the words.  He shook his head and smiled at her
    “It won’t work, Madison, so don’t even
try.  But I am going to leave you now.  Clearly you need some time to get used
to us.”
    “What do you mean us?”
    “Being lovers.  Now that I’ve had you,
I want you again and being so close is convenient if nothing else.  No one
needs to know.  I’ll be discreet and …”
    “Get out!  I think you better leave
right now.”
    She struggled and kicked until he
sighed heavily and pulled out of her and sat on the side of the bed, watching
her cover her nakedness with a pillow.  A sardonic smile curved around his
    “If you for one moment believe I am
one of your floozies, think again, Logan Dalton.  I might have … oef …
scratched your bloody itch once … but be assured, it will not happen again!”
    He reached for her, but she jumped off
the bed on the other side.
    “I said leave!”
    He smiled at her.   “You were not a
virgin, Wildcat, so you know as well as I do, what we shared tonight, is not
something that comes along very often.   You’ll be back, begging for more.”
    “Oh, you arrogant … get OUT!”
    She grabbed the other pillow and
hurled it at his head, which he easily dodged.  He bent down and picked up his
jockeys and pants and pulled them on slowly, his eyes on her the whole time. 
He walked to the door and turned to look at her long and hard.  A smile twisted
his lips.
    “You are one hell of a woman,
    He turned and walked away, his voice
floating to her down the passage.
    “Remember we need to leave at nine in
the morning for the trip to Houston.  Make sure you’re packed for the weekend. 
We might end up staying over.”
    Madison did not move for long after
Logan left.  She felt empty.  She has never experience such pleasure as she did
in his arms.  She also realized it was because it was more than just physical
involvement.  She did the most stupid thing a person could do.  She fell in
love with him.  Within a short period of four weeks she lost her heart.  To a
man that did not believe in commitment, to a man who liked variety … on his arm
and in his bed … to a man that was her boss!  Worst of all … to a man who did
not believe in love!
    And even though she was on the pill, a
man who she had hot sex with twice … unprotected!
    Just as the thought flashed through
her mind Logan stomped back into the room.
    “Are you on the pill?”
    “It is a bit late to be concerned
about that now, isn’t it?”
    “Answer me!”
    “You can relax, Mr. Dalton.  I won’t
be trotting up your porch with a baby in my belly.  I should have known better,
however.  According to the tabloids you fall from one bed to the other.  Do I
have anything to worry about?”
    His jaw was rigid and he cursed.
    “You should not believe everything you
read in the tabloids.  I am very careful and clean.  I never, and I repeat
never have sex without protection.  You are the first one.”
    “Ahhh … I feel so special!”  Her voice
dripped with sarcasm.
    “Show me.”
    “Your pills.”
    She gaped at him, not believing what
she heard.
    “You … I don’t believe it!  You think
I’m out to … how do they put it … catch you!”
    “It won’t be the first time.  I have
learned the hard way never to trust a woman.  Now, Madison!”
    “No.  I have nothing to prove to you. 
Least of all my trustworthiness.  Let me assure you, Logan Dalton, even if I
were pregnant, the only thing you will see from me is my heels as I leave the
    Before she could blink he was in front
of her and pulled her up against him with his one hand behind her head, the
other wrapped around her throat, forcing her eyes to stay on his.
    “I am warning you, Madison.  If you
were to carry my child, you WILL

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