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Authors: Olivia Cox
    “Yes, I am.”
    “In order for us to verify that Mr. Stone did indeed go through the mandatory counseling sessions he was required to attend, we need to come down there and ask you a few questions. To make sure that everything was on the up and up.”
    “All right,” Chanise said, her voice trembling. “But you should know, Jake and I, our relationship, it really had nothing to do with—”
    “Ms. Johnson,” Robert said, “it's really best if we discuss this matter in person. I need to get an official statement from you, and from Dr. Johnson. And I'll need to take a look at your records.”
    “All right. I mean, I'll have to clear this with my father...”
    “Of course. How about we set up an appointment for next week?”
    “Okay. I guess that would be fine.”
    She was on the phone with Mr. Phillips for a few more minutes, working out the details. Then she had to call her father in to talk with him and confirm everything. They set up a meeting for Monday morning, in between her father's counseling sessions. Mr. Phillips said he would come down to the office to speak with them directly, but he assured them that the meeting wouldn't take long.
    Chanise was a nervous wreck all weekend. She called up Jake to tell him about the meeting. He assured her over and over again that it would be fine, that it was simply the league's way of going through all of the proper procedures. But not matter how much he tried to reassure her, she couldn't fight the tension that had built up inside of her. She was so scared that she would do something wrong, or say something wrong, and that it would end up costing Jake his career.
    When Monday morning finally came around, Chanise couldn't focus on any of her work. She just sat at her desk, staring at the computer screen, unable to get anything done. When a man carrying a briefcase finally walked through the waiting room door, she let out a sigh of relief. At least, she told herself, the waiting was finally over.
    Her father greeted Mr. Phillips in the waiting room, and then led him back to his office. Chanise joined them, taking one of the chairs in front of her father's desk, while Mr. Phillips took out the other. He pulled a small tablet computer from his briefcase and set it up on the desk with a foldable keyboard. They went through all of their introductions, and he asked them for personal details that he needed for the report, including their names, home addresses, and phone numbers.
    “Okay,” Robert said, once the initial questions were over. “I just need to ask a few questions to clarify everything we've already been told by Mr. Stone. Just to confirm that your story matches his.”
    Chanise started to feel nervous again. She hoped that Jake had kept his story to the simple truth. He certainly hadn't told her she needed to say anything other than exactly what happened.
    “Dr. Johnson,” Robert said. “Can you tell me when exactly you learned of the relationship between your daughter and Mr. Stone.”
    “It was a week ago Sunday,” Dr. Johnson said. “My granddaughter told me about it, and I confronted my daughter about it right away. I told her right then that I wouldn't be able to be Jake's counselor anymore.”
    “And you had no idea that anything was going on before that.”
    “None. I wouldn't have approved of it if I had known.”
    “And when did you terminate your professional relationship with Mr. Stone?”
    “The very next day,” Dr. Johnson said. “I called him up and explained that I wouldn't be able to be his counselor anymore, and I referred him to a colleague of mine, Dr. Nguyen.”
    “And do you have copies of all of your records of the time Mr. Stone was your patient?”
    Dr. Johnson pulled out a folder and handed it to Robert. “That's everything. Appointments, sign-in sheets, receipts for his insurance company, all the standard paperwork.”
    Chanise let out a small sigh of relief that she had forced Jake to keep signing in. It seemed

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