Knight of the Black Rose

Free Knight of the Black Rose by Nissa Gordon

Book: Knight of the Black Rose by Nissa Gordon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nissa Gordon
you should change more money this time dad," the boy in front of them said. "Remember last year you had to come back and change more money,"
    "That was only because you had more stuff to buy last year, seeing that it was your first year," his dad told him.
    "Yes, your wand cost quite a bit it's not as though you need a new one," his mum said on his fathers other side.
    "What about school...if I need anything there?" the boy asked, but they didn't answer him. "I wanted a broomstick...I wanted to try out for the team seeing that they're going to be openings this year,"
    "I saw how much those thing's cost..." his dad said frowning.
    "I don't need the latest one," the boy said. "What about a Wild Beach or a Star Shade 3, they're good ones as well? At least look at them."
    "I'll look, but I'm not promising anything," his dad told him.
    "I wouldn't mind one, but I've never been allowed one considering that we live in the normal world and always in the cities," Will said annoyed. "I think I've only ever done it a couple of times...and I'm not very good...I'm going to look so stupid not being able to fly coming from a pure-magical family and all."
    "There are a lot who come from magical families that can't fly, as they have the same situation like you do," Anne assured him. "And you won't be the only one; your friends can't fly either,"
    "That so isn't the point," Will said stubbornly.
    "Of course it isn't," Anne said smiling slightly.
    They both waited silently there in the queue as it slowly went down and they were getting closer to the front, but more people were joining behind them while they had been waiting and others had gone down to the volts and some had even come back as well Will noticed with all the time that they had spent here, wondering just how long they were really going to be here.
    Will was watching those coming and going from the volts, they were of course proper magic's who really lived in this world; he was watching them in hope that he might actually see someone that he knew, but it also made him wonder if any of them thought that he was just a new comer like so many of the others here as all he was doing was changing money over.
    The doors opened again and a large family came out of them, a girl and boy who looked several years older than himself; though they didn't seem at all pleased by those stood in the queue with Will as they looked over with such distaste. They were walking in front of the others that they were with, as though they were better than the rest of the people in the bank and were also dressed smartly with their parents behind them and then another boy just behind them, but he seemed different, out of place among them somehow.
    "Look at them all, stood there..." the girl said loudly.
    Her parents didn't say anything but the boy who was walking up behind them looked annoyed and as though he wished that he was anywhere else but here with them.
    Will didn't mean too but he couldn't help but stare at him, he could see that he was related to them but he didn't seem to want to be with them; he seemed to realize that he was being watched and looked straight at Will, he blushed deeply and quickly turned away from him embarrassed that he had been caught staring at him and his family.
    Part of him though still wanted too look back but was kind of scare that he had really noticed him staring, and didn't really want to get into any trouble as the other two that he was with seemed likely to actually kick off if they saw someone staring at them that they didn't like the look of. But he couldn't help it and stole a look over his shoulder before he left; to his horror he was looking back as if checking to see if he was still being watched, to his surprise though the boy smiled at him and if it was even possible he blushed an even deeper shade of red his face burning so much that it felt as though it was actually on fire; but he somehow managed

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