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Authors: Julia Williams
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little out of sorts, and she couldn’t work out why. The sun was still really warm, and the beer she was drinking was making her feel ever so light-headed. She didn’t often drink in the day. It was pleasant sitting basking in the sun, and watching the seagulls whirl above the cliffs, and dive down to catch fish. Part of her wished she could stay here always. She missed Cornwall when she was up in London. It should have been a perfect afternoon, but somehow she felt that Diana and even Harry just weren’t as interested in talking about wedding plans as she was. Diana kept drifting off, looking across at the bay, and acting as if she hadn’t heard what Josie was talking about, while Harry … Well. Sometimes she wondered why he’d asked her to marry him. He couldn’t have appeared less interested if he’d tried.
    Josie wasn’t the sort of person to get irate, or worked up about things; she normally hated taking charge, and being confrontational, but this was her’s and Harry’s wedding and she just wanted it to be special. So she decided that she would have to take charge for once, and be more forthright.
    ‘Look, Harry,’ she said, as she caught him drifting off again, ‘this is important. We can’t just sit your Auntie Vi with Dad’s sister. It won’t work. Lulu is a huge snob and an alcoholic to boot. She’ll be vile to Vi, I just know it.’
    ‘I can’t believe we’re even talking about the tables,’ said Harry. ‘The wedding’s next
. Auntie Vi might not come.’
    ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail,’ said Josie. ‘I do not want my wedding to turn into an episode of
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
, with brawls at the top table.’
    ‘Come on, it can’t be as bad as all that,’ laughed Diana, ‘weddings aren’t normally that exciting, except in films.’
    ‘And we’ll have to keep Ant away from pretty much everyone. He’s bound to upset somebody.’
    ‘Now that, I can agree on,’ said Di.
    ‘Oh come on, Josie,’ said Harry. ‘I think you’re being unfair now. And you’re worrying about nothing. Why would anyone want to fight at our wedding?’
    ‘I just want things to be perfect,’ said Josie, wishing he’d understand.
    ‘I know,’ said Harry, ‘and they will, I promise. But the most important thing is we’re getting married, and nothing else matters.’
    He grabbed her hand, and squeezed it tight, then gave her that little grin she found endearing, and she was instantly mollified. Harry was right; she was getting hung up on detail. Everything would be fine.
    ‘Excuse me while I barf,’ said Diana, with characteristic sarcasm. ‘I think I’ll just leave you two lovebirds to it.’
    ‘Di,’ said Josie, stricken. She hadn’t meant to make her friend feel left out, but she knew sometimes she felt she and Harry were in their own little bubble and the rest of the world was excluded.
    ‘It’s all right,’ said Diana, ‘I really need to get hold of work. I might get a signal on top of the cliffs. And I fancy watching the sunset anyway. I’ll wander back up to the Stones, and see you back at home. At least it means I get to avoid Tony for a bit longer. Result.’
    ‘If you’re sure,’ said Josie.
    ‘Absolutely,’ said Di firmly. ‘So lose the stricken face. You and Harry can have some time to yourselves. I’m sure you need it.’
    And with that, she was gone.
    ‘Okay,’ said Josie, ‘time to talk about flowers …’
    ‘Josie,’ said Harry with a groan, ‘do we have to?’
    ‘Yes,’ she said firmly, ‘we absolutely do. Now shut up and listen.’
    ‘I love it when you come over all dominant,’ said Harry, giving her a grin that made her go shivery all over.
    ‘Oh, do shut up,’ said Josie, throwing a beer mat at him, but she felt better. Organising weddings was hard work, it was bound to make them tense with each other sometimes. So long as Harry always looked at her like that, they’d never have anything to worry about. ‘And concentrate, we have a lot

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