The Gathering
    “With pleasure.” He kissed her, forcing his
tongue into her mouth. She struggled, pushed against his chest and
his hold on her tightened, the kiss stealing air from her lungs
until she went limp against him.
    Her fingers clenched, bunching the material
of his shirt into her fists and it wasn’t until he broke the kiss,
giving her only seconds to refill her lungs, that she realized he’d
loosened his hold on her.
    His hands slid under her blouse, her breasts
cupped in his palms. His eyes changed to that eerie wolf amber and
she knew the beast was lurking close by. Her own wolf slid against
her bones, its hunger for her mate causing Rayna’s blood to heat,
for moisture to pool between her legs and her limbs to burn for his
    Rayna wrapped her arms around his neck and
kissed him back, the torrent of emotions she’d been fighting since
Carmen walked back into their lives bursting wide open.
    She pulled at his shirt, lifting and jerking
it over his head. Hers followed and they undressed each other
quickly between fervent kisses, the sounds of ripping material
mingling with their harsh breaths.
    Her pants were barely to her ankles before he
turned her, forcing her back onto the bed. He jerked her shoes off,
her jeans, and ripped the side of her panties and was inside of her
before she could even catch her breath.
    Rayna grabbed his shoulders as he kissed her
again, his hips bucking against her in rapid succession. The feel
of his flesh against her own, the solid length of his cock inside
of her, and she forgot what they had been fighting about. She clung
to him, locked him in place with her legs around his waist and dug
her nails into his back. He growled, the sound vibrating against
her chest and her wolf slid closer to the surface. Heat penetrated
her limbs. The need to mark him as hers overwhelming.
    The claw marks on his neck met her gaze when
she opened her eyes and she knew it wasn’t enough. Sliced from ear
to chest and it wasn’t enough. Carmen still took him, snatched him
right out from under her without so much as lifting a finger.
    Her wolf brushed against her bones and an
answering growl worked its way up her throat. Garrett’s hold on her
hips tightened, his thrust grew harder and when Rayna’s stomach
clenched, her legs trembling, she pulled him to her and bit into
the side of his neck.
    His hoarse scream was enough to make her let
go, ecstasy washing through her body as his blood filled her mouth.
Garrett jerked against her, spilling himself and holding her head
to him.
    When he stilled, she unclamped her jaw and
stared at what she’d done.
    She’d heard the others talk about bloodlust.
The wolf craved the taste of blood and she’d been repulsed at the
very idea. That wasn’t the case now. She licked her lips and stared
at Garrett’s neck. The flesh was torn, trickles of crimson slid
over his skin and she leaned up, taking a small lick. A growl
worked it way up her throat as his blood hit her tongue.
    He gave a gasped cry of her name and Rayna
sucked his flesh into her mouth, laving the teeth marks she’d left
on his skin with soft kisses and long licks. Her chest was still
rumbling and she held him to her and whispered, “Mine.”
    “Always,” he breathed into her neck, his arms
sliding around her waist. “Only yours.”
    They lay there for long minutes, neither
saying a word. When the sound of voices filled the house, Garrett
lifted his head. He stared at her, raising his hand to brush the
hair away from her face before kissing her. When he leaned back, he
said, “There isn’t anywhere else I want be at the moment but I
asked Bryce to gather everyone. We need to figure out a way to get
Jacob back.”
    Thinking of Jacob made Rayna think of Carmen.
She glanced away from him and only looked back when he grabbed her
chin and tilted her head up. “He’ll come back when Carmen does. Why
not just wait until then?”
    He stared at her and she knew by the look on
his face he hadn’t

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