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Authors: Calista Fox
could spend every night for the rest of his life with her. How he could come
home from work to find her in something lacy or satiny, waiting for him with a
glass of wine and a smile on her beautiful face. How he could begin every
evening cuddling and kissing on the sofa before whisking her off to bedroom to
make love to her all night long.
    He’d do the dishes. He’d take out the garbage. Whatever he
had to do to free up her time so she could spend it with him.
    He was a goner emotionally, he’d pretty much deduced that
from the onset. Even when they were kids, he’d had a soft spot for her. He’d
felt protective of her and had always wanted to do what he could to help her
out. She’d always been in the back of his mind, even long after he’d graduated
and left Wilder. And when he’d returned… That first night at her shop when he’d
stared into her big green eyes and had seen the pain, the anger and the fear in
them, he’d been furious someone had hurt her and he’d instantly designated
himself her protector.
    But now she wanted more than kissing and light foreplay. He
didn’t think she intended to go further than him fulfilling a need for her, nor
did he intend to make love to her tonight. For one thing, he didn’t have a
condom and he seriously doubted she kept her own stash, given her virginal
status. Plus, he really didn’t want to rush sex with her.
    Yet as her eyes beseeched him to take the edge off, he knew
he couldn’t deny her. Hell, he wanted to touch her as badly as she seemed to
want him to touch her .
    With a low groan—because he knew how out of his mind she’d
make him—he lightly grasped a fistful of satin and pulled it up until the
material pooled around her waist.
    Her fingers were still threaded through his hair and her
eyelids fluttered closed. Ryan’s gaze shifted to her lace thong, which matched
her gown in color.
    “Jesus, Ginger,” he ground out. The sight of her stole his
    His fingers brushed along her inner thigh and her flesh
quivered beneath his touch. Her breathing was already choppy, but she sucked in
a sharp gulp of air as his hand covered her, the heel massaging her clit as his
fingers rubbed her opening through the lace.
    His head dipped and he took a perfect, plump, dusty rose
nipple between his lips, teasing it with his tongue. Her soft panting echoed
all around him as he brushed aside the triangle of material at the heart of her
and slid his fingertips over her dewy flesh, slowly stroking her small lips as
her body trembled and her fingers tightened around strands of his hair.
    “Ryan,” she said, her voice raspy. “Oh God, that feels so
    He released her nipple and stole a glance at her pussy. The
pink lips, the bare skin, the tight little hole. Pressing two fingertips to her
swollen clit, he rubbed it in a slow, circular motion as she gasped from the
shock of the intimate touch. Her hips jerked and she clamped down on her bottom
lip. As he picked up the pace, she released it to accommodate the harsher
breaths slipping from her opened mouth.
    Ryan’s groin tightened and his need to pleasure her
escalated right along with his raging pulse.
    She was so sweet, so soft, so damn pretty. He wanted to give
her everything her heart desired. To hell with what anyone had to say about it.
    His fingers skated over her slick lips and then targeted her
clit again, this time with a bit more pressure and a quicker tempo. She
wriggled on the seat and her breathy moans heightened his arousal. Ryan stared
down at her, her eyes closed, her lips parted, her chest heaving. With her long
blonde hair framing her face, she was absolute perfection in his mind.
    His tongue slid over her collarbone and then he kissed her
jasmine-scented skin.
    “I want to show you how good this can feel,” he whispered
before his lips slid along the full swell of one breast as a finger eased
inside her pussy.
    Ginger’s body bowed off the sofa as a sharp moan escaped
    “Ryan.” One

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