Free Rekindle by Ashley Suzanne, Melissa Gill, Tiffany Fox

Book: Rekindle by Ashley Suzanne, Melissa Gill, Tiffany Fox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ashley Suzanne, Melissa Gill, Tiffany Fox
confirm all my parts are fully covered.  “This has to stop, Nick.  I get it, we have history.  Yes, you’ve seen it all before, but you don’t get to see it anymore.  You don’t get to walk in my apartment unannounced and you sure as fuck don’t get to stand in my damn bathroom when I’m naked.  Let me rephrase, you’re not to stand in any bathroom when I’m showering.  It’s creepy and annoying as hell.”  With my hands on his chest, I shove him into the hall and slam the door, only his foot stops it.
    “Christ, Nick.  What do I have to do to get you to leave me alone?” I ask, a pleading tone to my voice.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get over Nick, but since I’ve walked back into his life, it’s like he’s determined to remind me every single second why I fell in love with him.  But nothing’s changed.  He’s not changed. 
    “You want me to leave you alone, Christina?”  Nick takes a step toward me and I take one backward.  We repeat this process until my back is flush with the wall behind me.
    “Yes,” I hoarsely whisper, staring at his chest.  Anything to avoid eye contact.
    “You sure?”  He runs the back of his knuckles across my cheek and down my neck.  Lazily dragging his fingers across my collar bone, toying with my necklace, I feel this incredible pull to look up and when I do, I’m lost and pretty much done for.
    “Nick,” I breathe.  “This has to stop.  We’re done.”
    “Are we?  I didn’t get much of a say.  I never said I was done.”  His eyes bore into me and ignite feelings I’ve suppressed for so long.
    “You signed the papers,” I mutter, trying to step around him to relieve the tension, except he follows my movements, effectively trapping me between him and the wall.
    “What would you have liked me to do, Tina?  Huh?  Beg you not to leave me?  Tell you I needed you?  That I didn’t know what I’d do without you?” 
    “Yes!” I scream, smacking his chest.  “That’s exactly what you should have done, dammit.”  Anger and frustration flood my system and I’m seeing red.  How dare he?  How fucking dare he throw this shit in my face now?  He had his chance.  He had the opportunity to fix all of this.  “You should have fucking fought, Nick.  For us.  For me.” 
    I barely finish my rant when the hand on my collar bone travels to the back of my neck, pulling me toward him and his lips slam into mine.  Instead of fighting him with my words, I use my kiss to say everything I need to say.  There’s nothing sweet and kind about this kiss.  It’s rough, angry, and violent.  Our teeth clashing, tongues battling for control.  Grabbing on to his longer than usual hair, I pull to the point he begins retreating, and with the other hand on the back of his neck, I keep him in place.
    It’s been two years since I’ve felt his lips on mine and I’m not stopping for anything right now.  I need this.  And he’s returning my need.  He tugs the hair at the base of my scalp, his teeth bite down on my bottom lip.  His erection presses into my stomach and I climb his body, not giving a single fuck about the towel that’s falling down my body as I desperately try to get closer … get away … get closer.  I don’t even know what I’m doing at this point, I just … need.
    “Fuck,” he groans in my mouth and it sets me on fire.  Nick grabs on to the back of my thighs, pulling me further up his body, squeezing to the point of delicious pain and I return his groan with a moan of my own.
    With my towel pooled on the floor below me, Nick sits on the closed toilet lid, taking me with him.  Letting go of his head, I run my hands down his defined chest and stop once I reach the fly of his jeans.  Unbuttoning the top button, I’m halfway done with the zipper when his hands cover mine.
    “What are you doing?” he asks, breathing heavy and eyes reflecting as much need as I feel.
    “ Now you wanna talk?”  I lean forward and kiss

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