Cristal Blue (Sweet Valentine Treat's)

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Authors: Suzy Ayers
    Cristal Blue
    She tapped her silver nails on the steering wheel along to the te chno beat as it pulsed through her body. The crisp February air skimmed through the crack of her window because the heat was stuck on full blast in her old beater. Have to get that fixed soon. She parallel parked into the last miniscule spot, on the slushy light-lined street and pulled the e-brake.
    She let out a wistful sigh as she turned the lock and flicked on the lights. She was always on time. She flipped on the neon advertisements that adorned the windows they flickered just a second before slowly gained that glow.
    She tipped all the bar stools down quickly. It would be a lot easier with the other girl who was supposed to be here. “Pink.” She muttered as she thought of her co-worker.
    No one would even come in tonight anyway. Valentine’s Day, everyone would be out with their sweethearts. She crunched on a piece of candy from the box she bought for herself. She wiped the bar down; her breasts bobbled back and forth as they knocked against each other. She learned long ago that no bra meant better tips.
    Tonight she chose a cotton red t-shirt that curled back at the v-neck jus t a tease to any lookers, dared them to peek. She wore a large, sterling silver belt buckle around her tiny waist and a denim frayed skirt. Normally, she wore blue since that was her name, but hey, it's Valentine’s Day.
    She shoved the fourth piece of chocolate in her mouth as she prepped the bar garnishes. She chopped the lemons and limes, she had her back turned to the bar as music danced through the speakers. The citrusy smell took some of that winter chill from the air. She dug the cherries from the jar with a fork and dropped them into their chamber with a hint of their pink juices.
    “Hi there can I get a drink?” A deep southern twang massaged her eardrums.
    She turned around and tried to chew up the caramel that cemented her teeth together. Drool came from the corner of her mouth. Was that the candy or the eye candy set before her? She put one finger up and he smiled at her predicament.
    He set his cowboy hat beside him on the bar. Damn he’s cute . She looked at this broad shouldered cowboy in a denim blue shirt, unbuttoned two notches; screaming sex appeal in the bar mirror through the bottles. High and tight, something about it is so damn hot. She checked her teeth and fixed her black and fluorescent tipped blue hair.
    “Hi sorry. Blue, Cristal Blue. What can I get for you?” She had placed both of her hands on the bar and leaned forward like she always did.
    He touched her hand and it made her open her mouth a little and take in a quick breath.
    “Is that your real name?” His hazel, soft mostly tan eyes focused only on hers.
    “Well, we all have to pick out an alcohol and a colo r.” She explained as she lifted her silver nails and casually ran them through her hair. He’s so fucking hot.
    He nodded and a slight chuckle rose from his lip as it curled up.
    She saw his eyes drift to her breast as it rose from her gesture. He’s checking me out.
    She thought about the other girl’s names, Royal Pink was supposed to be there and then Peach. Boss let her call herself just Peach; it fit her though because she was so sweet and bubbly. Royal Pink well, was a Royal something all right .
    He interrupted her thoughts. “Your hair?” He nodded to her.
    “What about it?”
    “Did you do that for this job too?”
    “No, that’s me.” She held a piece between her fingers and smiled coyly. “So, your drink?”
    “Oh , a beer, bottle.” He seemed to have forgotten why he was there and she chuckled. “Something dark.” He added. She opened the cooler in front of her and popped the top off.
    She watched him eye her chest as it jiggled. “So, no sweetheart for Valentine’s Day?” She leaned on the counter again.
    “Nope.” He spun the bottle in the air and took a sip. She watched his adam’s apple bob.
    She sighed and circled her

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