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Authors: Serenity Woods
sure there were no obvious signs of his presence.
    Opening the door, she glared at her brother. “Stop banging. You’ll wake up the whole floor.”
    “What were you doing? You took ages to answer the door.”
    She indicated her ankle. “I can’t walk on it.”
    Sighing, he looked her up and down. “Breakfast is in thirty minutes. You’d better get a move on.”
    “I will if you stop hassling me.”
    He glanced behind her, checking out the room. “You know where Kit is?”
    Her heart thumped, but she made herself look puzzled. “Kit? I’ve no idea, why? Isn’t he in his room?”
    “No. Or if he is, he’s dead to the world. I’ve rung him and banged on the door.”
    “Well, he’s not here,” she said irritably. “I’ve just got up. Why would he be in my room?”
    He gave her an exasperated look. “I thought he might have popped in for a chat. Jeez, someone got out the wrong side of the bed this morning.”
    She ran her hand through her hair. “Sorry. My ankle’s throbbing, and I haven’t got long to get ready.”
    “All right.” He nodded at the room. “What happened there?”
    She followed his gaze, cursing beneath her breath as she saw the items that had previously resided on the table scattered over the floor, and remembered Kit sweeping them off before he’d lifted her onto the surface. “Ah, I knocked into it last night, what with the ankle and the wine, you know? Haven’t tidied up yet.”
    Tristan sighed. “You’re so clumsy. Look, if you do see Kit, tell him I’m looking for him, eh?”
    “Yes, Tristan, if I come across him in my shower, I’ll tell him you need him.”
    He rolled his eyes at her. “I’ll see you downstairs.”
    “Yeah.” She watched him walk down the corridor, and then called out, “Tris?”
    He turned around, walking backward. “What?”
    “How does it feel to be an old married man?”
    “Fantastic. Shags on demand. Better than cable.”
    She laughed, and he grinned and disappeared around the corner.
    She went back into the room and shut the door. “He’s gone,” she called out.
    Kit came out of the bathroom, now dressed in his suit, looking ruffled and sheepish. “Did he suspect anything?”
    “I don’t think so. But he’s looking for you–you’d better be careful when you go.”
    He studied her and ran a hand through his hair. “Enya–”
    “It’s all right,” she said softly. “Go on.Go back to your room and get changed. You’ll have to come up with an excuse as to why you weren’t in your room, though.”
    “Yeah.” He walked up to her and paused. “I’m not ashamed of what we did.”
    She laughed. “I know. But we don’t want everyone knowing, do we? It’s our business. Nothing to do with anyone else.”
    His eyes softened. “You’re a sweetheart.”
    “Yeah, you too.”
    He moved toward the door and then hesitated. “We’re okay, aren’t we?”
    She frowned. “Of course.”
    “I don’t want to lose your friendship.”
    She smiled then. “Oh come here, you big softy.” She moved closer and slid her arms around him and hugged him. “We’ll always be friends, Kit Fawkes. Forever and ever.”
    “Amen.” He gave her a squeeze before letting her go. “So we’re okay for China?”
    She stared up at him, blinking as she remembered the trip they’d organized for next week. Kit’s friend had family in Beijing, and he wanted to introduce Kit to a couple of firework factories over there. Kit and Tristan had booked a couple of tickets ages ago, not realizing at the time that Lisette was going to want to get married super quick. Kit had talked Enya into going with him, promising to take her to a real Chinese tea-tasting session. She’d thought it would be fun–it wasn’t the first time they’d travelled together. Now, her heart thumped at the thought of being in such close contact with him for four days, but she pushed her worry away and gave him a bright smile.
    “Of course. I’m looking forward to it. Now go and get

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