Slipway Grey: A Deep Sea Thriller
    The girl leaves the house, and she is right behind her; stalking her like a shadow. The boathouse is locked, but she has the key. She wouldn’t want anyone to stumble upon her prize. The voice in her head is yelling. DO IT! KILL HER NOW! She ignores it. It’s not time. Not yet. But soon.
    The girl walks past the cleaning station and approaches the cooler. She’s running out of time. Her hand slips to the cleaning station and grabs the filet knife. The girl opens the lid, and her mouth drops in horror. She gags, wretches, and stumbles; her knees giving out on her. She is on her before the girl collects her senses.
    Her arm wraps around the girl’s neck, and she hisses into her ear. “He was mine. I loved him.”             
    The blade plunges deep into her back and severs the spinal column. The girl collapses, coughing up blood. She starts to crawl away, leaving a crimson smear along the wooden floor of the boathouse. The girl pleads for her life. Begs her to stop. But that doesn’t work. It never works. Tonight won’t be an exception.
    She pounces on the girl and stabs the knife deep into soft, yielding flesh. The girl screams, but there’s no one here to save her. She raises the knife and comes down with it. Over and over again until the blood shoots in the air and stains her face. She can taste it, and it’s so good.
    She looks down at the girl’s lifeless corpse. It twitches now and then as the nerves die. She pays it no mind. She stands and collects the bone saw from the cabinet and begins to cut. She’ll feed half of her to the beast now, and the other half later. She is running low on meat. This will buy her a few days until her plan comes full circle. It’s so close.
    She grabs the severed head by the hair and dangles it over the water. It drops with a splash and slowly sinks below the surface. The lifeless eyes stare up at her as the gloom engulfs it. A large black shape passes just under the surface. She tosses over a few more choice pieces and places the rest in the cooler. She’ll return tomorrow to feed it the rest.
    She stares out over the water and feels the tears slowly falling from her eyes.
    “Goodbye, Katy.”
    The Gulf breeze carries her words away.

Chapter 12
    The Present
    Chet had just dozed off when his cell phone vibrated loudly on the wooden nightstand. Jarred awake, he grabbed it and held it close to his face. The intense light from the screen burned his retinas, and he squinted, making out the text message.
    You’ve got to be shitting me , he thought as he laid the phone down. The hour was late, almost four in the morning, and his head pounded from all the alcohol. He couldn’t believe she was doing this now, after what they’d just been through during the Truth or Dare game. She was insatiable, and Chet knew the first time they hooked up, which had been at a party that neither Desmond nor Mandy had attended, that it wouldn’t be the last. If anything, he liked her more than Mandy. She wasn’t as hot, but she was fun, more carefree, and a total freak in the sack. He’d always heard ‘eager beats pretty,’ and he couldn’t deny that some of the worst lays were from the hottest girls. Mandy was okay, but she couldn’t work it like Serena.
    Why not? Not like I’ll be getting any this trip anyway . He slipped into a pair of jeans and sat up, resting his feet on the floor. His head pounded like a jackhammer, and his mouth was as dry as cotton. He walked to the bathroom and scooped cold water into his mouth, then gargled a bit of mouthwash to mask the scent of morning breath. After checking himself in the mirror, he turned off the lights, and slowly crept out of the bedroom.
    He entered the hallway and slowed his pace, trying to reduce the amount of creaking on the wooden floor. The moon illuminated the hall through large windows, and he followed the path. He passed a room and heard Desmond snoring

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