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upkeep. I don’t want to
keep hiring gardeners or staff. In the summer I buzz over the lawn and that’s
all I need to do.” He switched on the hallway light. “This is the living room.
Behind the closed door is my office. If I need to work but don’t feel like
going to the city I do everything in there.” He opened the door and turned on
the light.
    Books lined all walls with a comfortable chair and sofa in
the center. Near the windows a large oak desk sat with a full plush chair
behind it.
    “See, nothing special.” He switched off the office light
before leading her through a small dining room into a large kitchen. "My
mom comes and cooks for me some times. My parents are away on a cruise right
now, living it up. I’m sure you’ll meet them very soon. You’re the kitchen
expert, what do you think?”
    “Do you cook?” she asked.
    “A little. I wouldn’t hold out on
my holding a dinner party.”
    “Denise really wants to meet you,” she said, thinking about
her friend at work. “I don’t know why I just said that.”
    “Well, what do you think?” he asked, running his fingers up
and down the counter.
    “I love it. It’s large. You’ve seen my kitchen, it’s very pokey.” Modern gadgets dotted the far counter.
    “Now you’ve got all the mod cons to go with the kitchen. I
forgot to tell you, you’d be cooking tomorrow.” He smiled as she couldn’t
contain the squeal of excitement.
    “Thank you.” She wrapped her arms around him, kissing his
cheek then lips.
    “If I knew this’d get you crazy I’d have given you a kitchen
sooner.” The teasing tone warmed his voice.
    “You’re so bad.” He made her feel so relaxed in her own
    The air between them changed becoming charged. She started
into his eyes, resting her head against his.
    His hands went to her thighs and started to gather up her
dress. In one smooth move, he lifted her onto the counter, claiming her lips at
the same time.
    Moaning, she sank her fingers into his hair as he rubbed his
cock between her thighs. The dress far enough up her body for her to move
tighter to him. Crying out, she opened her lips, giving him the opportunity to
slide his tongue inside.
    Ryan took full advantage, kissing her deeply.
    “Fuck, you taste so sweet.” He lifted her up, carrying her
out of the kitchen then toward the stairs.
    “Stop, I’m too heavy,” she said, pressing a hand to his
    “You’re not.” Ryan squeezed her ass. “You’re fucking
    Giggling, she stopped talking as he carried her upstairs to
his bedroom.

    Chapter Five
    Slamming the door closed, Ryan put her down on the floor.
Her shoes fell off on the way upstairs. Turning her to face the bed with the
mirror overlooking them, he unzipped the back of the dress. His cock tightened
harder against his zipper. Pain along with pleasure coursed through his body,
begging to be inside her.
    He pressed his fingers inside the back of her dress touching
her naked skin. Jesse gasped, her eyes widening as she stared up into the
mirror. Looking at her reflection he pushed the dress of her shoulders so the
fabric fell to the floor.
    “Step out of it and kick it aside,” he said.
    She did as he asked, kicking the dress away. “It’s
    “I paid for it and I wanted to see you kick it away.” He
despised the dress for teasing him all night. Wrapping an arm around her waist,
he pulled her in close. “Look at yourself.” Stroking her stomach, he fingered
the strap of her bra. “I could bend you over this bed and fuck you so fucking
    Ryan smiled. Tonight they would not be fucking. It was
amazing what someone could do with a bit of imagination. He wouldn’t tell her
what he planned. Stripping the bra from her body, he admired the rounded curves
of her tits. Nipples were hard, pressing up, begging for his lips.
    He took one of her hands and brought it around her back to
press over the hard ridge of his shaft. “All

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