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Authors: Elizabeth Drake
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always get a name and number.
    Usually, Lynn would have left a message without reservations. Yet, something about the tone of the voice at the other end told her not to. Lynn rarely ignored her instincts, and this time her instincts were screaming. So, Lynn thanked her for her help and hung up. She literally hung up, on Ms. Wilson. Lynn realized that if Paul had not advised his secretary to let her speak with him, explanations would be necessary to get through the gate keeper. And Lynn was unsure what exactly she could tell her.
    “A friend from Auckland?” Not exactly.
    “A friend from the states?” More accurate.
    “A woman on vacation, who in a few days time has started to fall hopelessly in love with your boss... Even though it is totally unworkable from half way around the world and probably unrequited?” Too accurate.
    Lynn shut her eyes and released a long sigh. If only she could talk to him. Find out if he even cared. The seatbelt sign came on and Lynn sat motionless until the plane touched the ground. She waited patiently for a break in the aisle traffic and grabbed her carry-on from the overhead.
    Baggage claim and passport check went well. More smoothly than most international flights she had been on. When Lynn entered the arrival hall, she felt her spine begin to tingle. It was the same feeling she had the night of the dance in Auckland. Someone in the crowd, to the right, was watching her. Their eyes locked. His were filled with anticipation and amusement. Hers were filled with open joy. Dancing gray blue eyes met expressive elated green.
    “Paul,” she said almost inaudible. Within seconds she was in his arms. The baggage dropped carelessly on the floor. The crowd ignored, emotions soaring. Lynn's mind screamed, ‘He cares! He's out of the office because he came to see me!’ Her fears were relieved, doubts forgotten and her bliss inflamed.
    Paul delighted in her excitement. Her smiling eyes had been all he needed to calm his anxiety. She was more than pleased. She wanted him there. Thank the Lord! He had made the right decision. They laughed together, when a gentleman quietly begged their forgiveness as he asked if they would mind moving out of the doorway. Paul helped her with her bags, and they headed out to the parking lot.
    “What in the world are you doing here?” Lynn asked.
    “I had a meeting here today, so I decided to give you a ride to your hotel. Couldn't have you getting lost on your first day in Australia, now could we?” Paul teased.
    “No,” replied Lynn. “That would be totally unacceptable.” Her smile was radiant. Lynn was certain that this was one of the happiest moments of her life.
    “I missed you,” Paul stated, somewhat embarrassed. “I never knew that it was such a long time from Saturday to Tuesday.”
    “I almost killed myself trying to stay busy,” Lynn confessed. “I saw everything there is to see in Christchurch, and then some, in two days.”
    Paul’s laughter was filled with relief. “I believe you. When I called Sunday, you weren't at the hotel.”
    “You called?” Lynn's voice rose in excitement.
    “From Auckland,” he replied.
    “Well, then I guess it is safe to tell you that your Ms. Wilson cannot disclose when you will be returning.”
    “You talked to Sandra?” Paul asked.
    “Today, from Christchurch,” said Lynn stopping to inspect his reaction.
    “She didn't give me the message,” Paul stated, and he too, came to a confused stop.
    “I didn't leave one,” Lynn said. “I was getting on the plane, so you couldn’t call me back, so I didn't”
    “I didn't leave one either,” confessed Paul. “I didn't want to push you.”
    “Push,” laughed Lynn.
    “Promise,” Paul smiled. “And, from now on, I promise to always leave a message.”
    “Deal,” said Lynn. “If you will, I will.”
    Lynn could barely contain her excitement when Paul confessed that he had planned two more meetings in Melbourne and wouldn't be returning to Sydney

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