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Authors: Willow Brooke
her front room. With a sigh of relief, she found them under the four different outfits he had brought her and smiled. What man remembers shoes even? What a sweetheart.
    Brody and Leland walked back in while she was tying the remaining hot pink shoestrings. She immediately looked up. “What is going on?” The way the two were acting, she would have assumed the world was being invaded by aliens or something. Leland and Brody both appeared at each side, grabbing each of her hands in theirs.
    “It seems the cops caught up with your ex,” Leland started, pausing as if unsure what to say next.
    “Oh, that’s great. Did they call or something? Maybe they can get all the back child support out of the bastard.” She watched the worry lines that etched on both of their faces and frowned. “Wait, why are you two upset then?”
    “Well, I got a call from Mrs. Sanders a few minutes ago. I rushed over there immediately, and sat with her while she gave her statement. I guess Brian decided that to avoid paying, he would take Elizabeth. He broke in and got her this morning. There was a cracked out woman with him who held her at gunpoint. He threatened to kill Elizabeth if she tried anything. The cops are all on the search now.”
    “What! Are you serious? How…how can this happen! She was just pulled out of a damn flooding car last night! Oh my God, what have I done? I have to find her now!” Alaina tried to bolt for the door but was caught in four iron gates.
    “Hold up, baby girl. Leland already made a call. We have our own search team flying in as we speak, and will be here within the hour. Let’s go get them from the airport, then we will decide what the best plan of action is.” Brody rubbed tiny circles on her wrist with his thumb. Her temper flared at the situation, making tears burst from her eyes once again. Both men instantly wrapped their arms around her and held her tight until she calmed down.
    “There are a million places he could have ran. His parents were well off before they passed, but left everything to his estranged sister. I know there is no way in hell he went to her, but maybe out to the hunting cabin?”
    “We will start there. Come on, let’s go pick up the cavalry.” Brody grabbed her bag and other belongings in a rush and Leland hurried her out the door, shaking off the nurses that tried to stop her from leaving without being discharged first. Instead of taking the elevator, Leland opened the door to the staircase and they all ran down in a rush.
    They hopped in the truck and peeled out of the parking space. “Which way is the airport?” Brody asked, stopping at the hospital exit.
    “Left. It’s about twenty-five minutes away on the outskirts of the city.” Alaina pointed. Brody turned out onto the main road and gunned it. He ran two red lights before merging onto the highway, but they were soon cruising five over the allotted eighty mph.
    Leland’s blood boiled. He did his best to contain his emotions for Alaina’s sake, but he couldn’t wait to get his hands on the deadbeat. What Alaina was unaware of was the cops were never called. Mrs. Sanders had called Leland first on the number he had jotted down before they had taken Elizabeth to the hospital to see her mom, along with a long list of references, addresses, and his parents’ number. When he arrived, the older lady had explained what had happened and voiced her opinions on how the situation should be handled. He had been more than surprised at her reaction, but he was glad she thought the same way he did. She didn’t want him getting a slap on the wrist for this, and he agreed totally. The justice system was so fouled up. When it came to kids, it seemed that rape, molestation, abuse, and kidnapping were all treated way too calmly. If they caught a kid with weed on him, he got the full sentence. It was bullshit.
    Mrs. Sanders had assisted in the purchase of a disposable cell phone and made the plane reservations under her late

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