The Travelers: Book Two

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Authors: Sennah Tate
I would never be able to stop. So no, I won’t admit to a kiss we never shared. And you shouldn’t think for one second that would ever kiss you with anything less than everything.”
    She was stunned speechless for a moment, her mind reeling with everything he said. His voice was so rough, so unlike himself, like the words were hard to get out. But the passion in his voice… it made Izzy’s heart flutter.
    His eyes stayed trained to the road, never flicking to her direction. He couldn’t look at her right now. It took all of his willpower to not show her exactly what a kiss with him would be like.
    “So… you never kissed me?” She asked softly, her eyes cast downward.
    “Only in my dreams.”
    The warmth in his tone made Isabel look up in surprise. He put so much effort into denying their kiss that she thought it was because he didn’t want to associate with her. But now… she didn’t know what to think.
    “Oh hell…” he grumbled.
    He pulled the car to the side of the road, needing to look her in the eyes. He needed her to see his sincerity.
    “Izzy… I wanted to kiss you that day. I wanted to kiss you every day before that day. And every day since. But I didn’t. Taking something that’s meant to be given removes all the meaning from it. When I kiss you, I want it to mean something.”
    She stared at him with a blank expression, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly parted. Could she not see how irresistible she was?
    “When?” she whispered.
    He almost didn’t hear her, but they were so close to one another in the car that he thought he could hear her heart beating. The heat between them was palpable in the air and it made Aaron feel like he was wading through a thick fog.
    Though everything around him was hazy, Izzy shone brightly, clearer than anything he’d ever seen.
    “When what?” he asked.
    She licked her lips absently, her eyes flicking to look at his mouth and back to his eyes. She didn’t know it was possible to want something so badly. Aaron consumed her thoughts for so many years; she thought for so long that it was a one-sided attraction. Could she really have a chance with him?
    “You said when you kiss me,” she answered, her words nearly silent, breathless.
    His eyes darkened with desire and against his better judgment, he reached for her hand.
    “Yes, Izzy, when .”

Chapter Eight
    His kiss took her breath away. For a moment, she actually couldn’t remember how to breathe. He invaded her senses, overwhelmed her brain and made her dizzy in the most wonderful way.
    For years — decades — Izzy dreamed about this moment. Now, here it was, better than she ever could have imagined.
    His warmth flooded her; her body was alive with the sensations. His lips moved against her, gently at first. She parted to grant him entrance and he plundered her mouth with his tongue like a man starved.
    He groaned, his hand on the back of her head pulling her in deeper.
    She felt like she could just melt into him. Everything suddenly seemed right.
    His tongue drew a moan from her. Izzy’s skin buzzed with awareness of him. She wanted his fingers on her, she wanted to strip him bare and see every inch of his gorgeous skin.
    She’d wanted it for so long. She wanted it that night, but they’d never gotten there. Why?
    Cursing her own brain for ruining the moment, Izzy pulled away.
    Aaron looked disoriented, out of breath, and still hungry for more.
    He moved in for another kiss and Izzy placed a hand on his chest to stop him.
    “What happened that night? When you… left me,” she asked.
    Aaron could kick his own ass for the pain in her eyes.
    “I… I thought you wanted me,” she whispered, a sob breaking her voice.
    “Oh… Iz. Of course I want you. I just… that night and nearly every night… I just don’t deserve you. I never have. I wanted to become the man that deserved you, but I’m nowhere close.”
    She touched his cheek and he leaned into her hand, placing a kiss on her palm

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