Velvet Ink (Flash Erotica,BBW, Romance,WMBW)

Free Velvet Ink (Flash Erotica,BBW, Romance,WMBW) by SC Edward

Book: Velvet Ink (Flash Erotica,BBW, Romance,WMBW) by SC Edward Read Free Book Online
Authors: SC Edward
Chapter One
    Emily entered the tattoo parlor, feeling more than just a little out of place. The building was surrounded by groups of blonde and brunette Barb ie girls of all shapes and sizes, in skin tight outfits. It was obvious that they were all there to drool over Ethan Brooks, owner of Twisted Ink. She was aware of how good looking he was, but did not come all this way to admire his looks.
    Almost a year ago, the 26 yr. old had suffered a terrible injury to her back while she was on vacation in the Caribbean. Her family hailed from the beautiful Saint Lucia, and they had returned there to visit the beaches and landmarks that the island was so famous for. While having a hike at one of the rocky cliffs overlooking the Soufriere beach, Emily slid and fell on her back against a few sharp rocks, retaining a huge diagonal gash. The injury extended from the top of her right shoulder blade, to the left side of her lower back.
    The gash on her back required many surgeries and it took many months for the injury to heal. In the end she was left with a huge raised scar across her back. At 240 lbs. she was already insecure about her weight and the scar across her back did not make her feel any better about herself. She constantly hid her curvy body by wearing unflattering and loose tops, which usually hid her large voluptuous breasts and beautiful milk chocolate skin.
    Emily's doctor presented her with the option of having the scar treated with laser surgery. The process would have cost her almost $6000.00 but she had had enough of surgeries and operating rooms. Instead, she researched other ways of dealing with unsightly scars. Through her search, she came upon the idea of having her scar covered by a tattoo. Not only would the design hide the ugly scarring but it would also be much cheaper than laser surgeries.
    She didn't know much about the tattooing process, and decided to visit a few parlors in her city, hoping to find an artist capable of the task. Through the advice of a few internet forums, she was informed on what to look for when searching out a good tattoo parlor. She needed to find an experienced and cautious artist who would take the utmost care with her skin.
    After weeks of searching, she came upon Twisted Ink. The shop was given great reviews in many of the prominent tattoo magazines, and its owner, Ethan Brooks, was becoming a superstar from all the media attention. He was well known for his intricate tattooing style, which varied from ancient Japanese prints to more modernized art. She was looking for the best, and he was it.
    As she walked up to the shop, a few of the Barbie girls stared at her with looks that said, "What's someone like her doing here?" She did feel uncomfortable not fitting in with their look, but she was determined to get this done. She had already called the shop in advance, and set up an appointment for 5 p.m. She anticipated what kind of people would be hanging around the shop, especially the scantily dressed women.
    Not wanting to expose her body in front of these people, she had her sister take a few pictures of the scar on her back. She knew eventually that she would have to expose her skin and the fat on her body but she was not quite ready for all to see her yet. Upon entering the shop, she was approached by a cute and petite Asian girl with light blue highlights in her long black hair. She was covered in tattoos from neck to forearm and she smiled warmly at Emily.
    "Hi, can I help you?"
    "Hi, yes I have an appointment with Ethan for 5 o'clock."
    "Oh yes, you're Emily right?"
    "Yes that me."
    "I'm Liz; I'm the one you spoke to over the phone. You said that you had a scar that you wanted to have covered up, right?"
    "Yeah, I have a few photos here of the scar." she said, taking out the pictures and handing them to Liz.
    "OK great! Well why don't you have a seat and Ethan will be with you shortly." she said, leading Emily to some

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