Free Flamatoraq by Mac Park

Book: Flamatoraq by Mac Park Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mac Park
Kai and BC climbed out of the train. They stood in front of the battle chamber walls.
    â€˜The Gear Mash-Up is open,’ said BC.
    â€˜Yes,’ said Kai. ‘We need to choose two things to put in it. Then they will join and make something new.’
    â€˜What about the Jet Striker?’ asked BC. ‘It can shoot ice now. Ice balls will be handy in an ice land.’
    â€˜Yes,’ said Kai. ‘In the ice land we must battle only with ice. We don’t want to mix things up in the lands.’
    Kai put the Jet Striker into the Gear Mash-Up’s first chamber. ‘We can add one more thing,’ said Kai.

    â€˜I think it should be the sword,’ said Kai.
    â€˜The one that turned everything to ice in the lava land?’ asked BC.
    â€˜Yes. We can try and freeze the melted ice again with it.’
    Kai took the sword from wall two. He put it in the chamber with the Jet Striker.
    Kai hit the Gear Mash-Up button on the computer. After a while the computer screen flashed.

    Kai opened the chamber. ‘This looks excellent, BC.’

    Then Kai heard a computer voice. It said

    Kai grabbed his new battle gear. Then he and BC slid down into the transport chamber.
    â€˜We must pick a ride,’ said BC. ‘Then add new things to it for better beast battling.’
    â€˜That’s right,’ said Kai. ‘What will we need BC? Ice has melted. I think the sub would be good. It can travel through water.’ Kai hit the sub button on the computer.

    The computer screen went black. Then a new image came onto the screen. ‘It’s the add-ons,’ said Kai.
    â€˜Can we have more than two things this time?’
    â€˜Yes, we can have three things,’ said Kai. ‘The sub can only travel under water. It would be good if it could fly as well. We don’t know how much ice has melted.’

    â€˜It might only be a little bit of ice,’ said BC.
    Kai hit the chopper blades button. ‘And if we fly we will need to land somehow. There is landing gear here.’ Kai hit that button next. ‘One more thing.’
    â€˜The slushy-maker,’ said BC. ‘Slushy ice dumps in an ice land.’
    â€˜Yes, good idea, BC.’ Kai hit the slushy-maker button. Then they waited.
    The new ride popped up on the screen.
    â€˜That looks awesome,’ said Kai.

    Then a noise started and Kai and BC looked at the floor behind them.

    â€˜Here comes our ride,’ said Kai. They stood and watched as part of the floor began to move. The new ride rose up through the open space in the floor.
    â€˜Climb in BC, and I’ll start the ride with my Border Guard Card,’ said Kai.
    BC jumped onto the back seat. ‘My jet pack is here,’ he said. ‘BMC must think I need it for this battle.’
    â€˜Maybe it’s been given an upgrade, BC,’ said Kai. ‘And if you need your jet pack I will need to fly too. We chose well with the chopper blades.’
    Kai put the card into the slot on the dashboard.
    The ice chopper’s computer turned on.
    Then a computer voice said

    â€˜We’re leaving from the transport chamber again,’ said Kai.
    The wall of the transport chamber slid open. ‘I think we should check out the rain in the wind land first,’ said Kai. ‘On the way to the ice land.’
    â€˜Good plan,’ said BC. ‘The wind land and the ice land are next to each other.’
    Kai keyed in the codes on his orb. Then the ice chopper shot out through the tunnel to Beastium.

The ice chopper bounced around in strong winds.
    â€˜We are in the wind land,’ said Kai. He looked at the dashboard. ‘The GPS map says we are very close to the border.’
    Then Kai looked at the temp. ‘We’re nearly in the ice border land but it’s not that cold, BC.’

    â€˜Should be colder,’ said BC. ‘The rain is making it hard to see.’
    â€˜Yes, the rain is very heavy,’ said Kai.

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