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a career minded woman. Those types didn't hold much appeal to him. Leslie held absolutely no attraction to Bob, except she was a helluva good writer.
    Leslie looked out of the window. Ralph Waters was getting out of his car. He was parked on the street across from Starters. Crap, Leslie thought, what's he doing here? She turned her head quickly, hoping that Ralph hadn't seen her. The waitress had appeared and Bob had ordered already. “Can I take your order?” The petite brunette asked amiably, after she had finished jotting down Bob's order. “Hmmm,” Leslie said, picking up one of the plastic coated menus, “give me a minute, okay?” She looked at the waitress' name tag.
    The small red square had the name Janet embossed on it. Leslie darted a glance out of the window. Ralph had spotted her. Fuck , she thought. His hand went up hesitantly and then he dropped it again as he saw her quickly turn her head. “Sure, anytime you're ready,”
    Janet replied, forcing a smile and trying not to show her impatience.
    Janet glanced around at the tables teaming with her uncollected tips. The lunch rush at Starters had her running her ass off today. She just knew that Kevin, that sneaky ass busboy, would grab them up if she didn't keep an eye on them. She had caught him swiping her tips before. She watched him out of the corner of her eye. He was still in the back dining area. He hadn't worked his way up this far clearing the tables yet.
    Janet tapped her pen against the order pad and looked at the ceiling. Come on, come on, anytime now would be great, she thought impatiently, glancing over Leslie’s head at the two tables just full of tips.
    After a brief look at the salad section of the menu, Leslie decided on a leafy green salad and water.
    Janet scribbled her order on the light green order pad, holding it close against her chest as she scribbled, and left for the kitchen, but not before grabbing her tips from the two tables behind them. Score for Janet!, she thought and smiled brightly as she stuffed the greenbacks in her apron pocket.
    She reappeared fifteen minutes later, with their meals, smiling as she saw Kevin raking the dishes off of the two tables into a square plastic tub. A frown creased his oily brow. His greasy hair spilled messily down in front of his eyes as he worked. His clothes were frayed and stained and sweaty. Janet just knew he stank, although she wouldn't EVER get close enough to him to find out. He just looked like he would smell bad. Oh, poor baby! she thought meanly, No tips for Kevin today. She placed Bob and Leslie's plates on the table and with a final triumphant glance at Kevin, she left.
    “On a diet, Leslie?” Bob asked jokingly. “No Meat Day,” she replied. “Oh, I see,” Bob said, a note of annoyance tinging his voice. “You're one of those part time vegetarians, is that it?” “Just doing my part,” she said, stabbing her fork into the crisp greens of her salad.
    “Well, I eat meat.” He stated matter of factly, “and nobody's going to tell me there's anything wrong with it.”
    “Did I say anything about that?” Leslie asked peevishly, a little annoyed that this subject always seemed to come up in conversation with Bob. “No, but you animal rights people are all the same, Leslie, and I know what you're thinking.” “Yeah, really,? Leslie retorted, a hint of a smile forming on her lips “and what's that, Bob? What am I thinking right now?”
    “You're thinking, that I am a heartless jerk for eating this nice sirloin steak for lunch. You're thinking that if I had a heart at all, I'd jump on your “save the animals”
    bandwagon, but I'm telling you that I love meat. I think that animals were put here on earth to eat. So don't go trying to sell me on your No Meat Day.” He noisily cut off a large chunk of the juicy sirloin and stuffed it into his mouth. “Mmmm, good.” he said, playfully, around the mouthful of food.
    Leslie couldn't help but like Bob. He was always

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