Penny and Her Peculiar Problems
    Penny woke up to a soft tap on her foot. She
quickly sat in bed, searching the dark where she felt the rap.
There was nothing, not even a depression in the quilt. Then a thud
made her jump. She heard shuffling across the floor, and the moment
she thought she saw a shadow, it disappeared. Unquestionably
something was in her room with her and it ran off because she
gasped when she bolted upright.
    To cover her naked body, Penny lifted her
covers over her nipples and creamy, large tits. After startling
awake, Penny felt oddly vulnerable and wanted to protect her most
susceptible places. It didn’t matter that she believed the intruder
to be of a furry kind. She tugged the white cotton up to her chin
and lay back down. Slowly her heartbeat returned to normal, but she
still stared in the corner where she last saw the shadow.
    For the longest time there was nothing. But
then she saw it. Something hid on the floor right behind the light
of the moonbeam. While in the dark and without her glasses, she
couldn’t be certain what it was, but whatever the thing, it was
tall. She squinted, silently watching it practically waddle from
one shadow to another, always staying behind soft rays of light. In
the blackest part of her room she lost sight of the thing. A full
minute passed, and then another, and she still didn’t see her
intruder. Right when she was sure she was alone again and shrugged
off the encounter, believing it found its way out, she saw the
critter again.
    On the floor, where she stacked all her
bolsters and throw pillows, the creature inched up the steep slopes
like a caterpillar or hobbled easily if the cushion lay flat. It
even hopped after rocking back and forth to cross small gaps. The
behavior was peculiar, and she watched while intrigued by how cute
its eccentricities. The poor thing was trying so hard to climb the
soft mountain, and little by little it conquered each obstacle.
    The shadow reached her bed, and instead of
being nervous, Penny was still inquisitive. Instead of hopping onto
her bed, however, the dark critter ducked out of sight. Penny could
no longer spy on it threw squinting eyes. The clever creature
tricked her, because the next thing she knew she felt it spring
onto her bed from behind her. The only reason she didn’t
immediately fly out of her bed was because the skittish thing would
disappear before she even got a glimpse. She was curious how a
shadow could have such a long shape, and she certainly didn’t see
paws. So she lay still, waiting for it to creep around her feet so
she could get a good look.
    Her plan was dashed when the critter indeed
came into view, but the sneaky thing was under her blankets. Penny
didn’t deny its craftiness if victoriously mounting her bed, but
the lost creature turned left between her feet and started heading
toward her knees.
    She spread her legs, not wanting the thing
to touch her. Suddenly the cuteness didn’t matter, and Penny sat
up, cupping her hand over her pussy for protection. The bulge in
the bedding froze, and even when she began to gather her quilt with
one hand it remained motionless. Penny gathered and gathered,
folding mounds of cotton onto her lap, but right before the covers
exposed her knees, the swell flattened and the thing was gone.
    “What?” she whispered confused. Penny
hurriedly lifted the heap, exposing her pussy for just one moment,
but apparently that was all it took. Not a second after, she felt a
hard tap against her feminine mound. She threw off the covers as it
rammed against her again.
    Penny was shocked to see a bronze, fuzzy
scrotum the size of two tennis balls. A long shaft with a sun
kissed tip rolled back its balls and then thrust forward, striking
her bare folds again. Penny was so stunned, she crawled backwards
to get away from the peculiar animal.
    Before her back hit the headboard, the penis
quickly hobbled on its balls in chase. At the last moment, it bent
low to ram her vagina a fourth time.

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